10 Amazing DIY Soap Crafts You Need to Make!! How to Make Soap at Home!

10 Amazing DIY Soap Crafts You Need to Make!! How to Make Soap at Home!
Check out these 10 amazing soap crafts you need to make!! Almost too pretty to use – these natural soaps are good for your skin and your soul! For more natural …

Source Blossom
  1. Ismail Nirob says

    Other people : I like to eat cakes .

    Blossom : I like to wash my hands with cake.

  2. Badhon Dola says

    So creative! ❤❤❤

  3. Megan Townsend says

    Nice try at 2:15. You can still see the food colouring that was added between takes. Green tea doesn't work that way.

  4. Amy Rozz says

    What some cute Holiday gifts!!

  5. SG Anoniem says

    I made the cinnamon roll soap and my little brother took a bite. Plan worked!!

  6. Nand khar says

    Thanks for providing good business opportunity

  7. Ashley Foading says

    Amazing but like don't put in front of kids

    Like you know what's going to happen

  8. PoppyCorn144 says

    1:38 Fringles…really?!

  9. Marinna Oliveria says

    que minha mãe quando fica de manhã que tá distante agora me dizer para minha mãe comprar um negócio de gelatina para colocar na forma de coração

  10. SleepyHollow6124 says

    Holy. Did they just use fringles……wt-

  11. dAnKfAlL MeMeS says

    But good hacks

  12. dAnKfAlL MeMeS says

    For the cake one they used edible sprinkles and a edible peppermint trick a kid into eating it I wouldn’t recommend it only for like shower decor

  13. Why is this video about soap

  14. Rajan Adhikari says

    So much effort for a soap

  15. Seth C says

    I think I would probably take a big bite out of some of these soaps, especially the cake one lol 😲🤢

  16. Ashleykey Roblox says

    Blossom: Gummy soap

    Me: what if your younger sibling eats the gummy soap

    say whaAAaAt

  17. Little Miss Cakey says

    Me : heh…fringles…like, it’s obviously a different Ver of-
    5-mincrafts : shhhhhhhhhhhhh! We don’t wanna get sued do we?

  18. Indo Indo says

    Amazingly beautiful ,🌸 Blossom

  19. 謎謎 says


  20. •xx.jazzy_wazzy.xx• says

    I like the cloud soap

  21. Mega Bear says

    Umm won’t the soap just melt in the microwave I don’t think it would make a cloud

  22. Aman Az says

    ارجوكم ارجوكم ترجمة بالعربية لديكم الكثير من المشاهدين العرب شكرا👌

  23. Emoni Brown says

    1:32 what are fringles 🙂 ???

  24. John L. says

    Who wood want to smell like cheese

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