10 Braided Heatless Hairstyles Ideas For Winter!

10 Braided Heatless Hairstyles Ideas For Winter!

Welcome back guys! In today’s video I show you another 10 braided heatless hairstyle ideas for Winter.

 10 #Braided #Heatless #Hairstyles #Ideas For #Winter
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  1. Ellie Derbyshire says

    Who else is hear in August 2019?

  2. Queen M says

    you look like erika costell

  3. Shahd Yahia says

    I Love you😙😙😙❤❤❤💋💋💋You so cute i L❤V❤E your videos

  4. Ali Kazmi says

    شكد تحجين خرررس😒😤😤🤬🤬🤬

  5. Jocelyn Rivera says


  6. Tik Tok says

    کوردی لێیە؟😁

  7. Starlight 334 says

    Omg my sis has the same pink hairbrush as you lol

  8. md hasib says

    Superb your high bun

  9. Jelen Climaco says

    Good old 😀

  10. Taslima Anie says

    From where do you buy your hair ties and all the clips? Cuz they are really good my ones doesn't do these hairstyles

  11. Zoe Avis - O'Connor says
  12. gachagirl 101fuge nuggets says

    1 fail

  13. Feel Creative says

    I’d like to see her without makeup.

  14. gabby bove says

    How come the first 3 hairstyles didn't have braids ? I was just expecting them to since the title said braided hairstyles and I was looking forward to seeing some new styles I haven't seen that involve braids.

  15. Pacey Jordan says

    I love to do theses hairstyles

  16. Ronniel Locklear says

    U ugly

  17. Haley Spring says

    Ummm… I can’t even do a ponytail…

  18. Rajni Kumari says

    Agar ese hairstyle karenge to hme log kahenge ki comb nahi kiya h Kya??? 😂😂

  19. hey guys says

    So pretty x

  20. Perfect Angel says

    Video starts at

  21. Nitesh Chouhan says

    Aap bahut Sundar hai so beautiful

  22. The Fish Tale says

    This is so long hair! Are you kidding me

  23. Fa Ro says

    thickk hair problems ughhhh….

  24. Elmilyn Tongcaling says

    And i always do pony tails at school bc its only pony tail in our school

  25. Elmilyn Tongcaling says

    My hair is curly 😞

  26. Mya Williamson says

    This was really helpful! Thanks!

  27. nishi agarwal says

    What kinda haircut do you have?

  28. Benita Mendonca says

    Please make a hair care routine

  29. Tara Rahman says

    Does any1 know where she got that lovely top from

  30. Homey _C says

    Did u bleach ur hair

  31. Amulya Tomy says

    I am so obsessed with your hair styles. Love you ❤️❤️❤️💗

  32. Marley Gacha says

    Summer:does nothing with hair
    School: does everything possible to do something with their hair so they look up videos just like these 👑👑

  33. Diamonds Diamonds says

    Loved it cute ideas for w i n t e r💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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