10 Celeb Couples Who Share The Same Face

10 Celeb Couples Who Share The Same Face
Is this like a thing? Do humans do this? Are we attracted to people that look like us?! Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos!

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  1. Lucy House says

    it's called matching hypothesis, which is where we are attracted to people who are on a similar level of attractiveness as us.

  2. Alex Taylor says

    Tom and Giselle look like twins, you gotta give them that.

  3. Jesse Markonio says

    the tom brady and gisele bundchen freaked me out the most

  4. Beth B says

    The white people were hella accurate

  5. Shriya Shrimukham says

    that music though! 😍

  6. A&B M says

    my husband and i look alike lol

  7. #Nap_Queen29 says

    its because you find people with the same facial structure as yourself more attractive.

  8. keltribel says

    A lot of these are couples, which makes sense to me. We're wired to be attracted to people with similar facial structures to our own, because we instinctually feel that our DNA is compatible with theirs and would therefore create healthier offspring.

  9. Cordelia Thomas says

    Johnny Mcdaid is my music teachers brother.

  10. Hello Its Me says

    Am I the only one here who only knows Justin Timberlake??………

  11. Nuri Sakina Suharto says

    what kind of sorcery is that? !

  12. Cassie Mayhew says

    Actually pretty much none of those people look alike 😂

  13. Miriam Wagner says

    Studies have shown that we unconsciously choose our partner from similarity

  14. TwistedPuppy says

    You guys got me scared with the Mario Lopez!!!! Man in Brack erase this please!

  15. Nadia Martinez says

    Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel look the same combined together.

  16. Anna Estrera says


  17. Hellen Rybak says

    what about angelina jolie and brad pitt

  18. RadioActiveStephen says

    so…I guess we could say that this is the ultimate form of narcissism right?

  19. kaleigh💖💖 says


  20. crazedcas says


  21. G Singh says

    sorry but some of these guys dont match a bit

  22. fafi waffles says

    There is only similarity in the shape for me.

  23. Nakaria Gallo says

    Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus their is a picture you look up of them .

  24. OG MILITANT says

    why no black celebs?

  25. Anthony Witt says

    612,701 viewer

  26. Kandiswirlcheergirl long says

    This is like if hollywood went drag

  27. skelvator1 says

    Kootra and Ton Cruise, uncannily similar.

  28. Alex Bloom says

    the faces just got more and more demented as the video went on

  29. Haval Alkurdi says

    i hope they did dna test before they became couples coz they can be siblings!

  30. DarkSoul says

    Where's Taylor Swift and Avicci?

  31. AmaBrothon says

    The first one is not even close…

  32. jocylin sada says


  33. LykeArgy says


  34. Sarry Berry says

    Just because you can put two halves of a face together, means nothing, NONE if theses people looked like their matches, i mean god damn

  35. Lijith Lohi says

    How does this video have this much likes when…………..most of the faces dont even look same. >.<

  36. Garrett L says

    Tom and Gisele… identical cheek bone

  37. interrobangings says

    missed a golden joke opportunity for justin timberlake's song "mirrors" tbh

  38. Lana Banana says

    I sure hope they don't share the same face…that'd be painful, not to mention disgusting.

  39. Robert Zarate Castillo says

    Why do you not do miley cryrus and Justin beiber here there practically twins

  40. David Navarro says

    Justin bieber . Miley Cyrus

  41. Elena Djekic says

    Its proven that the more time you spend with somone the more you start to look like them. Looks and personality

  42. sasha peters says

    I like white guys so there won't be a similarity lol

  43. Abigail Victoria says

    Studies have shown that people are more attracted to people that look like them

  44. PlaidHeart says

    0:51 haha

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