10 Everyday Things You're Doing Wrong! Life Hacks You NEED To Know!

10 Everyday Things You're Doing Wrong! Life Hacks You NEED To Know!
“10 Everyday Things You’re Doing Wrong! Life Hacks You NEED To Know!!!” • VLOG CHANNEL: https://goo.gl/15jMGl Hey guys! In today’s video I’m going to …

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  1. عنود تركي says


  2. Fj H says

    I thought everyone already knew the tinfoil one !!!

  3. Cocoa_The_Cocker_Spaniel_Dog says

    The popcorn one literally solves all my life problems

  4. Dodi Banana says

    U r hair is amazing 😍

  5. Brooke Kim says

    Purple or pink

  6. Jorryl K. Mulano says

    actually i love cats i love your all make up video i love it

  7. maddie says

    her camera quality is so clear and good oh lord

  8. Natalia says

    i know this video was ages ago but i tried the colourista hair dye and i used purple pink and torquise they were brilliant

  9. Amy Bennett says

    Love the hair ❤️❤️

  10. Jennifer Zajac says

    From the thumbnail I thought you were wengie, subscribe to wengie and Roxy

  11. Shamaila Kafeel says

    dark blue.

  12. Milina Sisi says

    You are pretty 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  13. Andrea Sindik Eggset says


  14. dhrxxms says

    that dramatic sound when she was pouring the juice 😂😂😂

  15. Laura bubble says


  16. Omayma Khoja says

    I love your those videos make more of them

  17. Abigai l says


  18. Chloe Bethany says

    Purple lmchloe on instagram

  19. Olivia Smyth says


  20. Random Girl! says


  21. Kelsey Quaif says

    Roxy I' mean

  22. Kelsey Quaif says

    Hi. Rocky I love your hair and ur cat is sooo cute

  23. Seever Jarjes says


  24. Jeff Standard says

    Is it Per minute

  25. leahs.x says

    you look exactly like niomi smart 😂

  26. Charlotte Griffiths says

    Any would be amazing! And instagram- lottiehanson._

  27. Ella says

    You're hair is awesome 👏👏

  28. Savage Asian says

    Omg she lives some where is the Uk bc she has tesco products which only are in the Uk I think🤔

  29. More Luke And cal says

    Purple plz xxx or any

  30. vicki truong says

    i really want the colour aqua

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