10 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Cellulite

10 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Cellulite
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  1. PoAM says

    I’m sorry if I come off as conceited but I’m super glad I don’t have cellulite. I guess somehow there was a lucky gene in my family that made my legs nice and smooth.

    If only I had a gene that wouldn’t have granted me with back acne…

  2. Brighid Doll says

    Fact number 11: You're perfect just they way you are and beautiful no matter what, and don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise

  3. Carmen Xerxes says

    I clicked on this video just out of curiosity for the fact that I never had cellulite.

  4. SIM freeplay says

    slime 😂😂

  5. Dr. Snowman says

    0:07 MY EYES IT BURNS!!!!

  6. Brahim LAM says


  7. Coconut Head says

    I have cellulite, but I never stressed about it

  8. Karichi Du Soleil says

    Basically, I'm doomed forever. Thank god for tights.

  9. Sophie Kat says

    I'm still not wearing shorts, dresses or swimming suits this summer tho

  10. Jocelyn Rivera says

    So it's normal cuz I have some but I'm still self conscious about it

  11. Yo Wassup says

    Unfortunately for alot of us girls, we've inherited this sort of thing 😉

  12. 2008MrsKim says

    If that many people have cellulite, then I guess i'm always around the 13%-5% of people that don't have it because it seems I'm the only one at the beach with it.

  13. Alexa says


  14. Alexa says

    of coarse another thing that women have to deal with

  15. amina mohamud says

    I'm skinny and have cellulite

  16. Dumb Lil Red says

    I could never have cellulite, my eating disorder would probably literally kill me. 😂

  17. Ailish says

    "Let's just learn to love ourselves physically and mentally"
    Shows an absolutely gorgeous, skinny girl lol

  18. The Legend says

    Our ancestors never had this problem because they never had readily available food. They had to get out and hunt. So stop eating breakfast, go to a gym and move some iron, and get your entire day's calories during supper.

  19. I am Sister Daniel says

    Cellulite isn't bad I had it and I didn't know it was there for like a long time XD I saw it and I was like "Oh….Okay I'm gonna eat some ice cream now…." I didn't care if anyone saw it or knew I had cellulite it didn't affect me 😊

  20. Tater Tot says

    It's pretty cool though, the difference in skin. The best way to visualize it is men have more of a "chain-link fence" structure, while women have more of a "picket fence" structure. It's why we're generally softer than men too since our skin is more flexible due to said structure. Cellulite isn't anything to be worried about so long as you're healthy. Human bodies are funny ^^

  21. Jenny Pysh says

    can buzzfeed cite their sources

  22. shister says

    idk why but this made me sad about my cellulite even tho I nearly have any cellulite

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