10 Moments Only Polar Opposite BFFs Understand

10 Moments Only Polar Opposite BFFs Understand
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  1. sharadhi pramoda says

    then how can they best friends

  2. Zayn all the Way says

    Yeah I'm shipping them

  3. Gacha_Aza Syrup says

    Me and my cousin everyday…

  4. SnowFox 2074 says

    I’m single
    Night owl
    Not a sports fan
    Clean with everything except with my own stuff
    Grandma (only use YouTube)
    Not healthy
    Usually straight edge. But when I want to swear, I swear like a f**king sailor

  5. Park Jimin says

    I am definately justin

  6. Aldi A says

    me and my bff literally

  7. TheRose says

    I’m both

  8. Gaby Kaiser says

    Dancing is a sport

  9. alex says

    "Oh I'm ready to party with House of Cards in my bed"
    That sentence has a whole different implication if you meant the BTS song instead of the series 😉

  10. BABY BLEAU says

    I'm a mix of both. Thanks

  11. Pig’s Brain says

    I don't have bff

  12. Tasfia Haque says

    I’m mix

  13. Natalie Cheung says

    Mr. Peanutbutter and Bojack Horsemen in a same video??? What is this a crossover episode???

  14. mayas vids says

    Dance is a sport

  15. VANYA TIWARI says

    I am both

  16. PinkBunnyLily says

    I went to bed an hour ago

    …I woke up an hour ago

  17. angel gonya says

    Pretty much the white guy but not tech savvy at all

  18. baby mercury says

    Omg it’s like Dan and Phil.

  19. Fanou Derhem says

    I'm a mixt of both😉

  20. Caoimhe Sca1996 says

    Me and my bestie😂

  21. Cyd Johnson says

    This reminds of "The Odd Couple"

  22. Liv R says


  23. Roar E says

    Omg this is me and my Bff

  24. Melissa says

    George and iii❤❤❤

  25. Molly Gold says

    I’m both depending on the situation

  26. Bystander #84 says

    I'm a health nut but I don't go insane with it! 😅

  27. Kailey Pantoja says

    “Potty mouth” is me😂 none of my friends cuss

  28. Cerys Heaps says

    I relate to this but with my sister not my best friend 😂

  29. I love Bleach says

    Dancing is a sport

  30. Charlotte Grace says

    0:34 me.

  31. Nah, my friends are all potty mouths too 😂

  32. Jilly Jilly says

    Literally the whole time I was like, is Justin me as a guy?!

  33. Gwer Gwer says

    This is my sister and me

  34. ella _rose says

    I’m the guy with the blonde hair

  35. Megan Taylor says

    I’m both, I’m a messy junk food and sports lover who likes to be in solid relationships and plan more then I need to

  36. doggiepugs says

    Lol I’m both

  37. Lizzie K says

    Me and my best friend honestly

  38. Euphoric Dreams says

    I'm a little bit of both.

  39. sumaiyah miah says

    I'm always single (cos I'm 12 and don't want to bring shame shame on the family) one
    a hermit cos why go outside when you have food and Wi-
    A night owl bc when ppl say their sleep schedule is messed up i can't relate cos I don't have one
    A sports fan but not th A obsessed i prefer playing them watching tbh
    DEFO messy i don't even have a reason
    Planner bc I'm anxious about legit everything 😂😂😂😂😂😐
    But of both but more to the grandpa side cos I have limited social media and are nearly never active
    And lastly potty mouth (sorry mum)😂

    Ah look this comment is decades late and no one will look at it haha it will still be more relevant then me 😀

  40. Bff: Lactose
    Me: Drinks milk almost every day.
    Me: Vegetarian
    Bff: Eats bacon a lot
    Me: Mango
    Bff: Peaches
    Me: Kale chips
    Bff: Takis

  41. kindadone says

    I'm so the guy in the flannel

  42. Sam de Klerk says

    My bff and I are literally long-lost twins😂

  43. T36 5T3LL4 says

    My best friend is the exact opposite to me until it comes to food.

  44. Karter Howard says

    Me and my boyfriend are just like this I love this so much cause its true

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