10 Things Girls HATE About Makeup

10 Things Girls HATE About Makeup
“10 Things Girls HATE About Makeup” Let get this video to 10K likes?

 10 Things #Girls #HATE About #Makeup
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  1. Siti Salwa binti Rosli says

    All of this are true

  2. Ella says

    Mascara is a bitch

  3. Megan R says

    struggle is real hahhaha

  4. Myurife says

    Oh yaas. I hate when these hapens😒😒😒

  5. Danielaa Ayo says


  6. Maryam Salah says

    Ned stark!!!!

  7. no way says

    I always do my eye makeup first so I dies not mess up my foundation

  8. Abigail Berman says

    This is so cute and so true. I adore you <3

  9. Mia Međugorac says

    She copied rclbeauty

  10. I don't wear makeup anymore. It was mainly because it took too long to get ready, and I just didn't agree that I had to wear makeup so society can accept me. But this was a great video! 🤓

  11. Ally Rongcal says


  12. anyaxx says

    oh and i hate it when i apply mascara and i blink.. -_- for me that is the worst thing ever

  13. Itsaliabruh TV says

    You just copied @rclbeauty101

  14. Chellcey 55 says

    you kind copy Rclbeauty101

  15. simplyposse says

    this is totally me; it would be awesome to know how to avoid these problems… 🙁
    btw – ILY; just subscribed but i love your humor!

  16. Athiya Rabbani Khader says

    very useful love it

  17. Bob Jajaja says

    Where is she from?

  18. sharkiez says

    I do that all the time


    omg i love u if u said hello i would faint

  20. Brinasnw99 says

    Can totally relate

  21. Aleyah Calape says

    She's super cute😊😊

  22. Sophie says

    The thumbnail and title is exactly like rcl beauty!

  23. Alaa Jad says

    the lipstic marks after eating X_x my strugle always

  24. julia says

    This isn't really to do with makeup, but I see a lot of people with perfect eyebrows and my eyebrows are so big, and it really hurts when I try to pluck them

  25. Minna griffin says

    She's kinda annoying

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