10 Uncommon Ways to Use Common Things! Life Hacks by Blossom

10 Uncommon Ways to Use Common Things! Life Hacks by Blossom
Check out our collection of 10 uncommon ways to use common things! For more smart DIY projects, arts and crafts, and life hacks subscribe to Blossom …

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  1. Vytautas Poška says

    0:27 that is actually a pretty genious idea. Used it and it worked perfect. And no im not some diy idiot, im a gennuine real life guy who has built his own home from scratch and i finds this idea to be really genious and smart!

  2. Jessan Rendell Belenzo says

    Yay!!! Time to comment good things in this video even though I did not do it!!

  3. mohamed ashraf Ashraf says

    I really like the BGM

  4. Ravzanın günlüğü says

    ekmek sizi çarpsın

  5. Lina Bara says

    2:45 muslims will be so angry because of THIS …. like me

  6. Jose Ramirez says


  7. Zemmel Art & Craft says

    Good job 👏

  8. Angelina Sotelo says

    who watches these for entertainment and never does them XD
    Like if u agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Maria Kashif says

    Don't use bread on shoes please

  10. Patrick Aspenleiter says

    Maybe you can't sleep because you're standing up

  11. drdizzly says

    It's too fast

  12. Carolina Mosquito says

    Best satisfying channel ever

  13. Rukiye 1905 Aksoy says

    Lan o nimet aya sürülürmü hıc ya

  14. White Raven says

    Now to figure out where to buy most of this stuff.

  15. Olga Donskay says

    Да вас бы сгнобили в России за то, что хлебом чистите обувь!!!! Это ж надо до такого додуматься!!! Позорище🤬

  16. JDCrafts says

    Hello very one…❤️❤️

  17. Məna Babayev says

    ❌🍞🥾02:47 ❌😠

  18. Rottich says

    So we cleaning shoes with bread now?
    You didn't even specify what kind of stain was on the shoe or what material the shoes was.

  19. hj kim says

    0:31 blooming marshmallow

  20. sarra btd forever says

    2:47 vous etes fou ??

  21. PREETI MEHTA says

    few hacks were just exellent

  22. Goomw Love says

    52 to comment

  23. Antra Sharma says


  24. Antra Sharma says


  25. Marija T says

    7:15 we have potter fans here😂❤❤❤(look at the arm)

  26. Tracey Boyland says

    This video is freaking awesome. On my way to recreate some of these ideas. Thx for the actual "hacks"

  27. Lalremruata Ricky says


  28. Как можно вытирать грязь хлебом????

  29. يوسف الكعبي says

    ليش تمسح الحذاء بالخبز الي معي لايك

  30. tommot94 says

    most of these are fake

  31. Ronna Channel says

    مفيش حد بيدعمني باشتراكات ليه 😢😢

  32. Nikki Botts says

    The crafty stuff had some pretty good ones.

  33. KC DALA says

    Can you do christmas stuff now

  34. Jffj Kkfu says


  35. yasyifa sastiya says


  36. Edith García Gatito Kawaii says

    those ideas are amazing give me heart please and I love your videos are awesome →→→ O__o

  37. Monster C says

    Don't use bread for shoes cleaning plz 😥😣😡🤬

  38. Seema Patil says

    Very very very nice hacks
    I like it
    Blossom you are really great for me

  39. belkhir abdou says


  40. Adeel Akhtar says


  41. Elemental Wolf Master says

    I watch these videos but I don't do it…

  42. Smile Always says

    Tomorrow is our GOA liberation Day so plz congrats us 💖💖

  43. NC Channel says

    Hacks from blossom again!!

  44. Bimala Chhetri says

    My favourite channel is you

  45. Me encanta ♥️

  46. どんぐりコロコロ says



    You are very amazing I respect
    Please Make a video of Christmas cooking and decoration😆😆

  47. A7MED SAMER says

    حلوة اوى

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