100 Years Of Maternity Fashion

100 Years Of Maternity Fashion
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  1. Alex _Santoro_23 says

    I just watched the first one and I’m already uncomfortable with the rubbing

  2. Nelly Spring AZE says

    50,60,70,85 years fashion very nice but 85 very very nice💞😍😘

  3. Vy Bui says

    Hey guys!
    Me and a group of moms/future moms plan on launching a maternity wear renting service (workwear, formal dresses) to provide more flexibility for future moms and help them cut cost on maternity wear. If you are interested in the idea please follow this link to fill out a quick 2-min survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-2GX85LMHV/. It will help us launch the idea if it appeals to the vast majority of you guys! Many thanks!

  4. Что это делает в моих рекомендациях? Я не беременный, да ещё и мужчина

  5. pim svensson says

    This is so innacturate that i started crying

  6. Sslithery Ssnake says

    The 80's up made me feel awkward. No wait this entire video did

  7. Cheeky The Chicken says

    1:45 ew


    They're too fat.

  9. Amanda Snyder says

    Wrong if you choose the right career like military and law enforcement you do get birth leave and father leave and its paid. Choose wisely on your career.

  10. Reticence9 says

    What's the model's name?

  11. The Macabre Curiosity says

    My maternity clothes are literally my clothes before I got pregnant with the inclusion of one pair of maternity pants, and it will be that way until I can’t cover my belly with my shirts anymore (which will be in like 2-3 months)

  12. florence cavallaro says

    you are tooooo funn<>love you both<.see i love 1950s maternity clothes<>love them sooooo much<>

  13. Princesse Stella says

    80s 💜90s 💖 2000s💛💙 2010s 💚💚

  14. Fuertes Alma says

    so fat and not 100 yrs it's 110 years

  15. Salma Adra says

    Did women in the 2000's really wear these weird clothes?!!!

  16. Kathrine Svitak says

    I gope that baby dies after birth i hope it imbellicall cord chokes it

  17. Leah May says

    She has such a neat bump!

  18. Isabelle Rivera says

    This is such a cool vid tho!

  19. Isabelle Rivera says

    Why in the 1900 they covered up the pregnancy?? Thats not nice

  20. scorchedcandy says

    The part about maternity leave outraged me. New moms should be given the chance to bond with their babies.

  21. Jen- A-Purr says

    I’ve never been more uncomfy than I am now watching her rub her belly so much

  22. Naudia the king says

    Why do a lot of the older ones want to conceal it? It's pretty obvious to see their pregnant and what's wrong about people knowing your pregnant?

  23. Kai Fox says

    Embrace the bump!Embrace the beauty of nature!

  24. Starlise Jun.from.17 says

    Awww this is cute

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