Thank you.

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  1. Hassan Izhar says


  2. jahmalie richards says

    Don’t even knw u like that BUT I’m honestly proud of your accomplishment ma brother

  3. Nathan Rice says


  4. chen tommy says

    Congrats, love your work!

  5. Jeff Wion says

    Is it weird that I’m like…proud?

  6. Adam Remoundos says

    You honestly deserve every bit of your success, you;re one of the nicest people on this planet.

  7. Rojin Bijukchhe says

    Congratulations Marques!!! We did it!

    I can't see Linus tho??

    Yoo Jack!!!! Where is Lew?? Tell him we are coming!!!

    (Only Youtuber I feel connected to. Seeing you grow all the way back from your school days to a grown MAN. You are special… See you on the next one PEACE! )

  8. lee tigere says

    my number 1 tech channel. watchin in Zimbabwe

  9. Amshaq Carey says

    Ha ha you beat linus. Congrats bro

  10. Ancil D'Silva says

    That was the best YouTube rewind idea ever 😍❤️

  11. Nicolas Melia says

    not bad for nitwit.

  12. Unknown Player says

    Is Linus now going to wear your merchandise in a Video? 🙂

  13. Ary Djiwandono says


  14. nilesh patel says

    What's wrong with his eyes?

  15. Somcoders says

    Congrats :O – 10 M for 10 years.

  16. Matthew Kwapyong says


  17. Rushtime 33 says

    Congratz bro, deserve every bit of success!

  18. Hailé Selassie says

    Congrats 10 million. 🔥🔥

  19. Arnold Mukisa says

    Sorry, but the brand new decade starts in 2021

  20. roz zero says

    what happened to his eye????????????????????????

  21. 4w0ken says

    Linus lost

  22. Hm vlogs1 says

    Congrats bro…. For 10m

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