11 Awkward Moments That Happen During Ramadan

11 Awkward Moments That Happen During Ramadan
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  1. Fatima Hafeez says


  2. Randomhuman233 says


  3. Gurregion Once says

    Every morning in Ramadhan : and i am just like damn
    IT'S NOW 5 AM

  4. "nOt EvEn WaTeR ?"


  5. Shifat Ara says

    During Ramadan,I stay up all night and sleep at 6 o’ clock.Sometimes I don’t sleep at all.

  6. Sabrina Daly Kulikova says

    I can’t even go 30 minutes without eating

  7. pinwheel87 says

    im confused so do you not eat anything apart from before dawn?


    If you think skipping lunch for 30 days is hard. I do that nearly everyday. And I pray in my heart all day that the Messiah is King if Kings and Lord of Lord. What a crappy religion Islam is.

  9. RiseAsTheDawn - says

    the period one was so funny

  10. jason flynn says

    Seems unhealthy

  11. Leah Gaming says

    I fast. I hate waking up at 3 AM and eating at like 8 PM or something

  12. l m a o says

    In muslim countries in the " sahoor " time you need ti stuff your mouth water and food because you can't drink water or eat until dinner time ;-;

  13. Susu Omar says

    Ramadan is the best but i dont get why i watch videos of food while fasting lol

  14. When the girls alarm went off I actually flinched because I hate waking up to that evil noise

  15. Eaglefeather21 #saveyoutube says

    Try Lent (Christian/catholic). You HAVE to give something up apparently if you don’t wanna be harassed. Some people give up food. Some people give up good stuff. And it’s for FORTY friggin days.

  16. o j says

    Just an atheist watching this..

  17. brenda says

    the iphone alarm sound activates my fight or flight response

  18. Mano says

    Ah, I get so hungry before we eat. I am happy to fast though. I think it’s fun.

  19. Maria Gu says

    Im not muslim but then whenever someone is on ramadan
    I feel bad….

  20. yoo jin jan says

    I relate yeah😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂damn as Muslim Arabic i relate to this 100%

  21. S B says

    how does the period thing work out with ramadan?

  22. r- rose says

    There was this ad about mums struggling and i thought it was the video so i watched the whole 2 min ad thinking it was the video i pressed on 😵

  23. Potato Master says

    So true 😭😑

  24. Pennywise LOL says

    Relatable 😂😂😂THIS IS ALL TRUE😂😂😂

  25. SurayaTheUnicorn says

    I have that same alarm it’s giving anxiety just hearing it 😂😭

  26. Rayan Elbgal says

    Tbh Ramadan is so fun. Like if u agree

  27. EmmaPlaysRoblox says

    Who else is watching in 2019?? Btw who else got triggerd by the alarm noise

  28. B K says

    Everytime on ramadan I buy a lot of food and can't wait to eat it
    But after a meal I am already full and can not eat anything more

  29. chammu tae says

    I dont think getting your period on ramadan is anything like exciting..When your whole family is fasting and it feels like your the odd one out…and the feeling of fasting on ramadan is much beautiful than fasting on some other day. No offence ..but people make it look like Ramadan is something exhausting to go for when you know the real purpose and struggle you make for Allah is for something much better hereafter its actually a blessing…True Muslims cant wait for the Ramadan to come..thats whats exciting..the suhoor the taraweeh prayers…breaking of fast with your relatives family is such a blessing and exciting thing to do XD

  30. Do people who do Ramadan lose weight while fasting?

  31. namra khan says

    You forgot the weird thing that while you are fasting, you see videos of food you wouldnt normally see otherwise

  32. Your Mistake says

    What's Ramadan?

  33. Sahar Islam says

    In the morning when u are starting your fast I can never eat that much. I usually just have water and a banana

  34. MsJGingerbread says

    Curious non-Muslim here. What do y'all really like about Ramadan?

  35. Waffle's Corner says

    Wait chipotle is halal?

  36. AthenaTV says

    Instead of being tired during Ramadan I actually get really hyper

  37. Amirul Ishak says

    I can confirm that i have done all but not the period (because im a male)
    Yes been there done that

  38. TheBest Boy1290 says

    Girls get an excuse. Period. They are lucky. Us boys have to be either sick or have a very good exuse to not be fasting or you will have to do it at the end of the month.

  39. Bazziness says

    Isn't like praying at work is everyday??? Or you guys only pray at ramadhan?

  40. BANGTAN X ARMY사바 says

    Lol I can relate to the period one

  41. BANGTAN X ARMY사바 says

    Ramadan makes us think about people around us and those people who a struggling everyday and deepen our believe in Allah

  42. Nexus Edge says

    Are they're really muslims or just acting?

  43. A. H says


  44. Rushni Akter says

    It's so funny when you just eat anything you see. Before sunrise.

  45. Anisse Ezra says

    Once during the first day of Ramadan I forgot I was fasting and popped in a some chewing gum while doing the chores, and halfway I remembered I was fasting so I spit it out while screaming MASYALLAH I FORGOT YA ALLAH and I woke mu parents up lol

  46. Aadil Ahmed Beyle says

    so true

  47. Remix Guy says

    Idek wut it is why am I here

  48. Daspeedyboi says

    I dont understand this dont they eat anyday for a month?

  49. Sabina Shafi says

    I’m 9 years old and I fasted at 8 years old and by the way I subscribed

  50. Maria Loves Zendaya says

    I'm a Maltese catholic and I don't know in what other countries this happens but in Maltese we call this time period 'randan' pronounciation: run-dun. We have to do a sacrifice like for example not eating chocolate for the whole randan or being more organised. Yeah weird lol

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