11 Hair Problems Blondes Will Never Understand

11 Hair Problems Blondes Will Never Understand
Time to shave your legs…again. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos!

 11 #Hair #Problems #Blondes Will Never #Understand
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  1. Zita Fehervari says

    That's so true😭😭

  2. Guadalupe Henriquez says

    I don't have dark hair I have very very light brown hair

  3. Rhea M says

    Braids dont show up
    In my hair- even hairstyles dont show. If i cut my hair short only then people are going to notice but layers and steps dont show!! Its so frustrating

  4. Bacon Carbonara says

    Why I am even here Im blonde

  5. Pootie says


  6. Izadora Cittadin says

    0:54 I’m not the boring one I’m acc the most hyper one 🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩

  7. Sadaf Saidi says

    That is true😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. mila d says

    well i'm dirty blond and my had heats up like crazy.. also i have to shave every day. it just depends on the person

  9. ryanne mccarroll says

    1 blondies still do our eyebrows
    2 heat hits my head to
    3 I have to blech my hair to
    4 it makes my hair grey too

  10. Mermaid Unicorn says

    Was anyone else confused at saf in the thumbnail

  11. GᗩᑕᕼᗩᑎOᔕE says

    I have dark hair but light eyebrows ;(

  12. Dulce Macario says

    Dandruff is my hairs worst enemy besides when I’m in the car and someone beside me puts the window down…

  13. Jewel Insight says

    Plot twist: The red food dye is actually ketchup…

  14. Lisa Jansen says

    I'm a natural blond but I color my hair brown/black🤣🤣

  15. nicolelylewis says

    I’m a natural blonde and I have dark leg/eyebrow/everything hair…I also get gray in my hair from dry shampoo…then I rub it in

  16. It’s Me Katherine says

    Literally I was running then I fell cracked my foot then the end

  17. Zainab Imtiaz says

    I think dark hairs are more attractive

  18. Mibella says

    Blonde and I have almost all Problems 🤔

  19. Messy.jessi 69 says

    I’m blonde and I can relate to most of these but good video.. ig?

  20. DaggieDePegasus says

    Okay so I’m a dark blonde and I know all of these things to be true for me… so blondes do understand.

  21. KC Raeken says

    Where my blonde squad at??

  22. How u doin Bob says

    Omg. Why is this sooo true??!!!

  23. Littlefununie Gacha says


  24. The Real Andreia Radescu says

    0:57 that s literally me at every party… i am talking about the gurl with the glasses :))

  25. Sienna Bellomy says

    I'm blond and I relate to most of these you guys are so stereotypical

  26. CøttønlyGacha fam says

    My hair overheats and I’m blonde but I wear ALL black so like….?

  27. melek ikizler says

    When you’re blond but watch anyway

  28. clumsy land says

    Well we can look gothic without dying our hair

  29. Laura Laner says

    I have brown hair and I can relate to all of these 😂

  30. amanda rasic says

    honestly, us brunettes have way more fun

  31. SP - 06SC - Tecumseh PS (1258) says

    Yeah but when you play golf you always need a hat and that makes your head hot or the sun will burn your head under your hair. Talking as someone who’s experienced it first hand, it hurts, a lot.

  32. Zoe K says

    My sister: I love red hair like yours. It's so pretty!
    My friend: I wish I had blonde hair like you.
    My brother: brown hair suits you so much.
    Me: someone just tell me what colour my hair is!

  33. Regan McAnear says

    I’m a blonde and understand most of these

  34. Lauren France says

    Me: laughs in blonde

  35. Angel 506 says

    Who else’s hair color changes in the light (I know there’s comment just like this before mine)

  36. Abby and Freinds says

    Km a natural blond but my hair changes to Brown

  37. Zelda Sill says

    I’m dark blonde and I can relate to all of these. My leg hair and other body hair is brownish black. So ya I can understand and ion think it’s fair to assume I don’t

  38. Matilda Fagervall says

    You know I’m blond but I can still relate to all of these

  39. vasundhara bisht says

    Proud to have black hair.
    Even a single grey hair stands out but.

    Comment if you suffer to

  40. Adriana Tong says

    is it supposed to be browns or blondes?

  41. h a n n a h says

    For the first one eyebrows can be a struggle to people with any hair color my friend and sister both have red hair and their eyebrows are basically nonexistent they’re so light

  42. musics3in1my6soul says

    I'm blonde and half of these still apply. 🙄

  43. Donut D Diamond says

    I prefer threading for the upper lip

  44. Bb Hughes says

    A lot of visible hair in brushes 😑

  45. Bittersweet says

    Ok but I’m blonde and when it’s hot out, my hair is BOILING. The frickin smoke detector starts beeping when I go inside

    Also the shaving too. For some reason my leg hairs are like…black

  46. Tommaso Potrich says

    im blonde but i have rlly dark eyebrows… HehhEHhehehhAHWEHH

  47. Dariyah Hollis says

    Not bein (that person)but is black peoples wit black we never have these problems 💀

  48. Kylah Rich says

    I’m guessing ginger is the best colour 😎🤣✌🏻

  49. Lila S says

    People with blonde hair can still have dark eyebrows 😂

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