11 Signs You're At A Filipino Party

11 Signs You're At A Filipino Party
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  1. Through Tanos Eyes says

    You forgot!!! Aunties and uncles and grandparents give the kids money 💰

  2. hannah oñatè says

    you forgot:

    literally almost ALL THE FOOD IS COLD

  3. Lyan Angela Agustin says


  4. Kaela Imasa says

    y’all forgot the kids and teens separating do nothing together

  5. Xonoru Kin says

    We make a lot of foods Incase people want to take some with them-

  6. s u n f l o w e r says

    You know youre at a Pinoy party when the kids play tumbang lata near where the family jeep is parked and your tito is the only one singing

  7. AviaJules says

    You also can leave whenever you want.

  8. Santiago Cochon says

    Wow, the kids at my Filipino party’s are like hanging out in my room while the adults be shouting like YAAaaaAAa!

  9. Wife Of Choi Minho says

    7 am meeting time means 11 am 😂😂

  10. Jerry The Rat says

    Sorry hanap ko lang sa party lumpia ahajah

  11. Katherine Cabula says

    So true

  12. Eaglefeather 21 says

    I don’t go to a lot of parties since most of my Phillipeno side of the family is in LA, and I’m In NJ

  13. Kuripot Si Talim says

    Or if there's too much leftovers..

    "Mare hinge ako nyan, sayang nman yan para may ulam kmi pangkinabukasan"

  14. Giewil Love says

    The filipino parties I go to, people are still hanging out past 12

  15. FV N • 55 years ago says

    1 more thing, the TV would probably have TFC on, with a show with Coco Martin

  16. J_ Kaye says

    Now I'm f cking craving these foods

  17. Cinnabonn says

    i'm laughing so much at all the comments and this video because it's so accurate! i've been to many Filipino parties so i have experience 😉

  18. kay says

    you forgot the;
    “oh my god i remember you when you were this small!” but you have no idea who they are.

  19. Scrolling through the comments and I don't see a single filipino speaking filipino 😂

    I'm also not speaking filipino because baka walay makasabut sa akong gipangsturya baka akala nila na buang na ko lol

    (Cebuana here!)

  20. Leanna Tito says

    And when it gets really late the karaoke comes in

  21. Arlene Ong says


  22. xSxnFlxwxrsx says


  23. unveliebubble says

    You forgot

    “Oh my ang dalaga mo nah!”


    “Ai ang gwapo mo naa”

    These phrases are said by your relatives. Mostly the ones you don’t know.

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