11 Struggles Curvy Girls Know Too Well

11 Struggles Curvy Girls Know Too Well
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  1. StAr Angel says

    I know these struggles all too well

  2. Chazz Ram says

    Everything with women is a struggle including being a woman..

  3. stone heart says

    Omg the pants ripping near my thigh is normallll ?? I thought that only happened to me . Phew I feeel a lil better

  4. Happy doggo says
  5. Lauren Martinez says

    When your butt covers more than the seat😑

  6. Ethel Cook says

    I love my curvy body except men look at me all the time 😂

  7. Hahahhaha

    cries in AA

  8. Madeleine Dicochea says

    I think I’m going to end up as a curvy girl when I get older, I’m 11 5”3 and I get a feeling I’m going to be a curvy girl

  9. shiniku art says

    Lol yeah i hate my thighs.

  10. Ss Russ says

    Nothing better than a woman with meat on the bones

  11. carddealer34 says

    Hello ladies! I love me some curvy women!

  12. Riya Agarwal says

    The struggle is real 😭😭😭..

    Also people staring at your boobs… Especially when other girls stare 👀

  13. bxbyel von says

    The tight skin dress go up and regular dresses are lifted from the back because of you butt…

  14. GALAXY crafter says

    Im 11 and cant wear jean skirts because my butt. Help me.😅

  15. Harley S. Burgundy says

    When your measurements are 40” 29” 40”, curvy takes on a whole new meaning.

  16. Kristophany Noble says

    At the end of the day…………WE LOVE CURVY WOMEN. It's probably every man's body type for a woman. No matter height, skin color or etc.

  17. Qetsia Duclos says

    Me tots me

  18. Bhaveek Jain says

    May all curvy girls who wanted to be slimmer, be slimmer . It's a genuine pray.

  19. Fuck Love says

    Cant relate which is sad 😔✊

  20. Kayden _Tumbles says

    when youre a cereal box but youre watching this anyways

  21. NamJinsus says

    I'm kinda flat from the front…. T v T

  22. Electric Purple says

    And this is why I wear hoodies

  23. Lily Hayes says

    Can relate 😂 Jeans are a nightmare

  24. Sayeed Mutasim Billah says

    I am glad i dont relate to this.

  25. Hermes the cinnamon roll says

    I'm flat and I'm watching this

  26. Baby Buzz says

    And this is why I just stick to jeans and a baggy shirt/ jumper

    It’s easier

  27. Eric Cutrer says

    Looks like they are shopping the wrong places. Catherine's and lane Bryant would be their clothing stores they need to go to. They have plus sizes that fit right comfortably. Thanks for the nice cleavage pics. You curvy girls rock your curves! You're sexy just the way you are.

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