11 Struggles Of Being The Pale Friend

11 Struggles Of Being The Pale Friend
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  1. Eve Burns says

    Is she scotish coz same

  2. •The Bee’s Knees• says

    Hahahahaha………..I’m the constantly sunburnt friend

  3. xalice_dancing x says

    I can so relate to the selfie one, I have a picture of me and my friend who has dark skin and I'm very pale and I look like a ghost x

  4. Leena Jaarah says

    It’s not my birthday
    My dog didn’t die
    I didn’t lie
    Please like

  5. Kim Namjoonie says

    I'm Asian, and I don't relate to this.

  6. Chimchim says

    Me being black : Sure hun…*sips tea*

  7. Emily Hernandez says

    I used to get bullied for how white I am

  8. Soulless Freak says

    Laughs in ginger

  9. Anna Gilhooly says

    Omg we get burned getting the mail smh

  10. i Am gONna drOP mY cROiSsaNt says

    Im pale like really pale and my biggest struggle is that i blush so much agghhh like i cant me around a boy i like without turning into a lobster

  11. Nina c says

    Relatable 😂😂😂

  12. Sarah-Chan says

    I’m the palest friend, I’m literally practically white, yet when I am running and working out I don’t get red

  13. music 4u says

    I'm pale in Greece!!! Such a struggle!!! Everybody from Epirus(west Greece) is so pale,redheads or black hair with extra pale skin and freckles. Epirus,the homeland of Olympiada,mother of Alexander the Great whose first name was "Pyrros"meaning readhead. There are still so many redhead Greeks ,it is amazing

  14. Cookiecorn Gacha says

    Im pale and after exercise i go SO red, its embarrassing. However, i tan easily! Weirdness 😂

  15. YoUgOtNoJaMs says

    I'm Brazilian, but my friends call me a vampire 🙃

  16. Its PinkyTheCuteyyy says

    It's so hard to be pale because when sometimes I forgot to put sun screen… I Was red as a tomato🍅 And it's super embarrassing because we were in the mall…I have a lot of embarrassing things🙈

  17. Nic AnimeAddict says

    Hannah doesn't look so pale… In the videos

  18. nrsrya zain says

    And thank god i'm tan 😂

  19. Smile Today says

    Can relate

  20. yuditreyea says

    Ok but imagine having to tan 😳

  21. rcsitant lia says


  22. Sara Heckenlively says

    There all pale in my opinion

  23. Angel of Angie says

    Me who is black: ; – ; okay then

  24. Cynical Pip says

    People always think I’m dying when I exercise because I am literally a tomato

  25. me: is paler than her
    my friends: 50 times paler than me

  26. tea sproutt says

    They’re all pale or maybe I’m just very tan

  27. Faiza says

    I wish I were pale

  28. Neha Potsal says

    And you call that pale?

  29. Deidara Akatsuki says

    Im asian PALE so if i go out in the sun …. I become toast

  30. Milly Robinson says

    I’m so much paler than her lmao help

  31. Grace says

    I’m so pale that my mum says I look blue

  32. •Wendsi says

    the glowing in the sun selfie, iconic

  33. Emma van Beek says

    I'm very pale to we have really good sunscreen put still I got sunburns

  34. RINI DAS says

    Indians do the opposite

  35. Boring Tuber says

    Can relate.🙃

  36. Nicole Pham says

    0:22 is that the girl from
    What’s up Moms cause she looks familiar

  37. Hailey Thieroff says

    TikTok stopped working so I’m here now

  38. Nina says

    Is it just me thinking that they arent even that pale..? Or maybe I´m just unhealthily pale then lmaooo

  39. verybadkazoo says

    0:59 you can see her boob.

  40. Angela Song says

    I want to be paler

  41. DaPotatoKing says

    I'm yellow 😀

    No offense

  42. rAviOLi says

    The struggle is real.

  43. LiterallyMSP says

    why am i watching this…

    i’m black.

  44. TessaInfires says

    I can relate

  45. Elizabet Gyémánt says

    When I had white hair, wore light clothes, my friend told me "You're shining"

  46. Nat says

    Try being the pale family member

  47. KatyDreams says

    I can relate to much! My Irish and german genes in America

  48. kaja szala says

    That is meh😂

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