11 Struggles Women Understand Too Well

11 Struggles Women Understand Too Well
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  1. JackTerraria904 says

    i mean men with long hair can understand some of these

  2. Jade eats newborns says

    Struggles that basic stereotypes with legs and periods understand too well

  3. Pissed Ladki says

    when u have cold on your period

  4. Black Diamond says

    Jokes on y'all i have short hair

  5. Miss Brutally Honest says

    The last one is so freaking true!

  6. gold ingot says

    You do realise long hair is optional right? If you don't like long hair, just get it trimmed.

  7. Karen Hernan says

    0:56 lmao

  8. Angellic Sunrays says

    I felt the thumbnail on an emotional level

  9. Helen Rodrigues says

    My period is also late and I am 13 and I am not pregnant

  10. Zookee The Hunter says

    I'm a guy, why am i watching this?

  11. eri says

    My periods late too.

  12. Andreos Rusch says

    so, youre saying that i (as a man) cant have periodcravings?

  13. Caramel Eevee says

    My period is late right now

    Am I pregnant- oh wait I'm 12 lol

  14. littlewolflover 123 says

    Bras don't actually bother me sometimes I forget to take it off at night and end up sleeping with it on XD

  15. Hikarii Affirmations says

    * laughs in muslim *

  16. Anuja Churi says

    Sneezing while in a period!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Linh Gia Nguyen says

    I sneezed while my period and literally nothing happened

  18. Bekka210 says

    That grin tho.. 1:05

  19. Germaphobic Edits says

    Thumbnail: hey look hair in my face

  20. Abbie Bradley says

    Its 2019 i have a buzzcut and um i am a girl.

  21. 秋山克子 says

    The sneezing part gets me every time.

  22. Teresa Tess says

    Omg the sneezing is So reletable

  23. Lkc Toms says

    Niki is the best

  24. Roxy _ says

    I complain about being a girl a lot cause ( in my opinion ) I think a girls life is way harder than boys

  25. Harry Potter says

    1:04 nikki from tasty buzzfeed

  26. Sarah 25 says

    The last one!!!!!😂😂😂😂 soooo true

  27. jungkook-san says

    My period is late…

    does that mean Im pregnant?! I just turned 11 skksks

  28. 柴峰 says

    Whenever I take off my bra I’m literally in heaven

  29. Amanda Speaks says

    the worst is being sick and on your period at the same time 😐

  30. Monkey Car says

    What if you dont have long hair?

  31. 15 teen says


  32. Holly Shue says

    One of my hair ties broke yesterday.

  33. Vape God says

    guys also have long hair

  34. Hazel Grace Lancaster says

    I once made the ice bucket challenge with some friends…
    I had a hand full if ice cubes melting in my bra then

  35. nadeen mohiar says

    That last one though so accurate 👌

  36. Eliana the watermelonn says

    What about long hair and lipgloss?

  37. 176Blue says

    Or when you're sitting somewhere and you feel a little…wet down there and think "did I just get my period???"

  38. The Boss says

    Oh my gosh I watched the shining!😂😂😂 this is so true!😂😂

  39. X Xo says

    This video annoys me SO MUCH they’re so dramatic

  40. Monkey Car says

    I'm I the only one who does not have long hair? I HAVE A PIXIE CUT!

  41. Sudipto Mandal says

    "Niki, you're a lesbian."

  42. My name is Jeffrey ;D says

    My bra stabbed me in the heart today(the wire came out)it was sad😭😂I’ve been on my period for a few days and I’ve got a stuffy nose and I keep on sneezing, thats tragic

  43. Kendra Coulter says

    Flowy dresses, skirts, or even pants with a slit is just a guaranteed vag show

  44. Sophia Zheng says

    1:20 Yup.

  45. Tessa says

    Am i the only girl that doesn't have struggles with her bra?

  46. Leah oth says

    Äh men with long hair.
    And women with short hair?

  47. Opal suicide says

    This is too relatable

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