11 Weird Nail Hacks! Nails Using Only School Supplies!

11 Weird Nail Hacks / Back To School Nails Using Only School Supplies!
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11 Weird Nail Hacks / Back To School Nails Using Only School Supplies! #nail #nailart #hacks #beuty
Source Troom Troom

    No holo no point

  2. AllMankeerat 33 says

    The cuticle thingie is caled liquid latex GET IT RIGHT TROOM TROOM LEARN FROM OUR MOM
    Follow my ig please SimplyCopyrightAbubu (Quick little self promo)😂💞💿💅

  3. Dreaminqxxlexii says

    Cristine joins the chat *

    Sos if I spelt her name wrong

  4. winitjain says

    I see "simply" doin' this Already 😛😛

  5. Md Sajid says

    Nail paint is a school supplie

  6. Mia Ayotte says

    clear glue is NOT a top coat
    also, WHERE'S CRISTINE?!?!

  7. Jayla Balazs says

    School supplies won

  8. Lia Brady says

    I love this vid it’s amazing how do they come up with so many hacks

  9. Cami Kaye says

    also, is it just me or does the glue hand thing make no sense at all?

  10. Cami Kaye says

    stg if Cristine doesn’t make a video about this, I will let the pepper wars begin (sorry Simply, I know there’s water-marbling included, but I believe in you!) lol

  11. #kuhurock s says

    1:58 oldies

  12. Vera Jurane says

    its called liquid latex, not a peel off cuticle guard


  13. Sangita Kashyap says


  14. Sangita Kashyap says

    Your all nail arts are good but i can't do in my school … beacuse in my school nail polish is not allow but i shall do this in my vacations

  15. Luz Folgado says

    Es la señorita smid!!!!!

  16. Jesus Paredes says


  17. Jesus Paredes says

    Que bonitas

  18. nilayaa misra says

    instead of wasting money, you can do this

  19. nilayaa misra says

    I definitely do like the school supply nail art better. you see I don't have professional supplies and probably everyone has the good old school supplies.
    # I really do like the school supply nail art better

  20. Ella Potter says


  21. Nix Martin says

    Cristine can you please correct them!

  22. Quixlly Slow says

    crist is probably like WHêř§ë thę h💿l💿 .🤷‍♀️💿💿💅.

  23. Madilyn Owen says

    Where are you Cristine!!!!!!!!

  24. My Wonderful World says

    Why!? why? WHY WOULD YOU ADD CLEAR GLUE ON TOP?!?!?!??!?!? 😭😭😭😭😭

  25. My Wonderful World says

    But… I thought they already peeled the glue off😨😨😨

  26. My Wonderful World says

    Troom troom: apply peel off cuticle guard around your nail…
    Cristine: it's called "Liquid Latex"🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  27. My Wonderful World says

    Troom Troom: add drops of different nail polish…
    Cristine: it's called water marble nail art you-

  28. My Wonderful World says

    Cristine has left the chat…..

  29. My Wonderful World says


  30. GalaxyCat naz says

    Where is simply u have to do this it's soo bad

  31. Aliyah Stone says

    I just got some new nails but this takes the cake when im done with these nails I will try your nails

  32. Woomy Is cute says

    Aaaaah no here we go again

  33. Ava Nicholson says

    christine entered the chat
    christine is typing

  34. Lyza-Bear * says

    I just watch them to cringe that them

  35. Chantel says

    2:04 goodluck trying to watch that Cristine

  36. Gacha- Opolis says

    I think troom troom took the name “acrylic nails” too far..

    You aren’t supposed to paint your nails with acrylic paint!

  37. Ciara Casey says

    Looks like someone has been watching simplynailogical

  38. Danielle Huffman-Hanni says

    Why are they putting glue on their nails?

  39. Selina Buendia says

    Christineeeeee freaking watch this

  40. Lyla Winters says

    Oh their many NAIL GURUS

  41. amaia alviña says

    Me gusta lo que asen las dos

  42. _-*Amy in wonderland*-_ says

    Read word number 2

  43. Yannis says

    Dont use glue for a pull off base coat!!

  44. Varshi Bala says

    Very nice

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