11 Wellness Shots and Juices To Kickstart Next Year • Tasty

11 Wellness Shots and Juices To Kickstart Next Year • Tasty
Jumpstart the new year by putting your health and wellness first, with these wellness shots and juices! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. HuffmanTeamGaming says

    Fun fact: you can ask youtube to not recommend a channel to you anymore.

  2. jx14aby says


  3. Eduard Eduard says

    I tought u were making shots, not toppings ;d

  4. ninja raid says

    Are these edible???

  5. ninja raid says


  6. Zezilin Wrathbottled says

    its funny how they just recycle goodful footage

  7. Jennifer Luo says

    Interesting way of making lemon ginger honey tea… I’m gonna try that one!

  8. Nazir Khalid says

    By "Next Year " you mean 2021 🤔😂

  9. Shiro Immanity's Hero says

    I would have liked to see why these got their names. A short description would have been amazing, like telling us why it was a “hangover helper” by describing what in it helps or why it was a “beauty elixir”. What was it high in that helps looks? What vitamins are these high in that makes it a better use for? I think this would have maybe improved the video, but I still enjoyed it.

  10. Christina Englehardt says

    Goodful already posted this video!

  11. jonny5777 says

    You don't need a recipe to make juice! Just stick healthy stuff in a blender and you're golden

  12. Ryan Joshua Calo says

    But isn't the veggie tomato smoothie, soup?

  13. Mugdha Mohapatra says

    This is the kind of thing yoga doing quinoa eating chakra aligned ppl drink.

  14. C S says

    can you start putting the recipes in the description box, please?

  15. Poonam smart kitchen says


  16. Kaya Moore says

    Slow down please

  17. LaTanya Porter says

    Wish I wasn't type 2 darn it.looks delicious..thank u..still gonna share this

  18. gacha life girl 201 says

    i wish they can make more unicorn vids

  19. Strawberry Sweets says

    Notice how they never drank the shots

  20. Miranda Mom says

    I make that ginger/lemon/honey tonic when I have a cold— it really helps me feel better.

  21. Jaena says

    for some reason i fucking hate the music

  22. 두놈들Two Guys Recipe says

    Good good

  23. Rafaela Marta says

    I was screaming THAT IS NOT DRINKABLE, IT IS A SAUCE during the entire video.

  24. the cult of wong kahei says

    I feel like we would be a lot better as a species if we were all a enlightened as to be able to drink something salty or spicy. I know i could never.

  25. Lana Abdulkader says

    Petition to never read comments this year saying : who's been here since 2020 !!!!!

  26. adam mac says

    Cmon, Tasty. Let's call them what they really are: hangover "cures"

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