12 Amazing Ways To Cook Your Eggs • Tasty

12 Amazing Ways To Cook Your Eggs • Tasty
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  1. Jyju's Home Videos says

    Amazing Ideas !! Thank you for Sharing !!


    People allergic to eggs be like:😯😦😧😮

  3. ReSloosh says

    The garlic mixed together looked like maggots

  4. Gavin Dumaine says

    Poched eggv

  5. Manisha Panchal says

    There are more ways to season food than salt and peppers

  6. Josh H says

    Eggcellent Video!!! Also….can I get a link to this song?

  7. Nicholas Machado says

    The comments seem to be from many different time zones.

  8. Silent Mary says

    How to basic wants to know your location…

  9. Rozella Edwards says


  10. Justin Lee says

    Make marshawn lynch a big skittle

  11. Roger Mathew says

    1 am now 🇮🇳. And I don't regret clicking.

  12. adasace says

    my first time this early on a tasty video and damn the comment section is as bland as masterchef kitchen foods

  13. Maria Yamin says

    everyone: why am I watching this knowing that I am not hungry


  14. Space Husk says

    Nobody :

    YouTube : Wanna see how to make eggs in 12 ways ?!

  15. 쿠키키친CookyKitchen says

    I like the idea of making omelettes into waffle machines. 🙂

  16. Helge Pedersen says

    What has this become 5 min craft

  17. Miranda Mom says

    I’ve never eaten a steamed egg…

  18. Kathy Osman says

    Early 😂💟

  19. lotarus wing says

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  21. cRaZy cUpCaKE says

    When you comment before you watch the video because you want to be early

  22. Sean Sheep says

    Making me hungry near when I have dinner. No conplaints. UK!

  23. Half&Half OREO says

    I’m not first I’m not last but damn this video made me hungry

  24. 정쿡푸드 says

    OMG it making me hungry…. at 2 am (korea)
    i gonna cook now! haha

  25. NyaaMMD says

    damn making me hungry at 11:36 pm-

    it was a mistake to click on this but i like it-

  26. Jenni Lambrecht says

    I'm just watching this knowing that I won't do a single thing in this video.

  27. Musa Adeel says

    how to cook an egg with steps:
    1: add 3 eggs
    2: add 1 clove of garlic
    3: add 5 tonnes of butter

  28. TR3V says

    Is there other ways to eat noodles?

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