12 Clumsy Beauty Moments Every Girl Can Relate to!! Clumsy Girl Struggles

12 Clumsy Beauty Moments Every Girl Can Relate to!! Clumsy Girl Struggles
Here are the top 12 clumsy beauty struggles every girl can relate to! For more clumsy girl struggles subscribe to Blossom! Subscribe to Blossom: …

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  1. Athira Lijo says

    She is amazing

  2. Fishy S says

    Does she have a yt channel? 🤣

  3. Murphy _life says

    If u get off my face I will go to church…bhaaaaaaahhhhaaaaa😂😂😂

  4. Sophie Cao says

    I like her. ❤️

  5. Sakshi Singh says


  6. maj syr says

    To conclude, BEAUTY IS PAIN

  7. Aggelikh Maria says


  8. Angelina Jolie says

    Trust me I Swear i always come across with all these struggles…. 😭

  9. Aya Aya says

    Nice girl😍♒ I loved$&

  10. Mohammed Maheboob says

    So true….

  11. Rakshitha Rakshitha says


  12. Lady E says

    That's why some girls are tomboys

  13. Nikki Diaz says

    She's again!!
    Really luv that girl, so cute❤

  14. Kareenn Blancooo says


  15. ARRH The_Killer says

    I love her so much!!!! She is the best!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 my goddd!!! She is so cute!!!!😂😂😍 and the best actor🤣🤣😍😍😘

  16. Kareenn Blancooo says

    Muy buen video morí de risa jijijiji

  17. Chawal Group says

    I think I am the only one to get irritated watching it

  18. *SHANAZ NIZAM*• says

    Beauty is pain

  19. Tiena Lee a.K says

    ..definitely my fave girl , she's real 😂😂😂


    I get some girl tips and beauty hacks from here …i love this CHANNEL..merry Christmas BLOSSOM channel from Philippines 🎄🇵🇭


    I like this girl she's so cool and funny ..love girl ❤from Philippines 🇵🇭

  22. Papito Hernandez says

    if you get off my face I will go to church; JAJAJAJAJAJA, she's so cute🌷🌷🌷🌷😙

  23. GreenGirl at GA Farms says

    This was a much needed smile and laugh after a rough day. I love her expressions and swear I've made many of them myself during the same situations lol.

  24. Paint My Love says

    I like this girl

  25. Mamata Mishra says

    9:34 it is harmful for health

  26. Reynaa W says

    Merry Christmas guys

  27. Her voice is so cute><

  28. Louisa Inukpuk says

    That is soo me 😂 all the time when I try my makeup 😂😂💔

  29. little black dress says


  30. sofia and alisa's showtime says

    Beauty is pain :')

  31. Catherine O'Connor says

    Some times its very hard being a girl. 🤣🤣

  32. Deniz Yanar says

    She is so so funny 😂 love you 🇹🇷

  33. Rosa F. says

    How many wigs have she destroyed? 😂😂

  34. Yen Dang says

    She looks gorgeous, 2:00

  35. Kareisha Jean Pierre says

    Girl.. the struggle is real…

  36. shanell adkins says


  37. Rosabella Auvlentine says

    And who's here bcs of her ?

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