12 Confessions From People Who Struggle With Depression

12 Confessions From People Who Struggle With Depression
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  1. chocolate cookie says

    The ones at my higschool joke about mental illness and it makes me sick.
    They have cuts in they arms and they show them for everyone and joke about it saying that they have depression.
    We had a test to see if we have a mental illnes and a question says " do you have suicidal toughts? have you tried to kill yourself?" and they were saying out loud that yes and laughing.I just want to hit them in the face.

  2. Elena says

    I don't feel anything. Im not even sad. It's just that all this doesn't make sense

  3. Llama Kids says

    People who show their cuts to everyone for attention is disgusting. My ex-BFF did that, it’s horrible.

  4. Queen says

    I can just see the 7th graders watching this being like " OMGG😭😭 SO DEEP I HAVE DEPRESSION TOO😭😭😭"

    Edit: guys I wasn't trying to make a joke about mental illness, as a person who who has been diagnosed with 6 i would never make a joke about it I'm just talking about the kids who self diagnosis, post depression memes and cut for attention

  5. kkunnun _v says

    My friend always tells everyone in the class that he have depression but I think he doesn't know what is the difference between depression and sadness

  6. Ida Granath says

    It feels like my depression is living my life for me, like it's steeling or taking my life away from me. I don't feel like I have control over my own decisions, I just follow along because I'm too exhausted to fight back.

    when people tell me to just stop focusing on the negative things and instead think about the positive things, I feel angry. "Why are people so naïve? If it were that easy I would have done it already, why don't they understand?" and then I feel guilty. "I can't be mad at them, they are just trying to help"

  7. Carmen 97 says

    I’m not living my life, I m watching it

  8. Lonely Andrea says

    I have depression because I use to have all my friends with me together but out of nowhere they starting to hate me and whenever I’m trying to make them laugh or do something to entertain them I accidentally do something I didn’t even mean to do and they promise me they won’t hate me but I guess I was wrong

  9. afifa ameen says

    Have you ever been sad for no reason?

  10. Joseph Mateo says

    I still remember the time when I got myself out of depression months ago thanks to this depression treatment method “fetching kafon press” (Google it). I was jobless on crutches abroad residing in a shoebox with a ruined heart. But I am a totally different person today, happy and very satisfied in life..

  11. Joseph Mateo says

    About 5 years ago, I began to fall into a really depressive episode. I thought if ever I have a new sweetheart I will go back to who I am before but I was completely wrong. Happy I never missed on following the steps that this depression therapy “fetching kafon press” (Google it) is suggesting. And I`m very happy today since I am not going thru depression anymore..

  12. P. Steel says

    Having depression 10 years now been on meds systematically one year now. I couldn't change the reason I was depressed the university I chose but at least I chose a job fitting my personality and be happy with it.

  13. HealingOceans says

    I made a vlog about my depression story and I would love for everyone to check it out on my channel! It would mean so much to help as many people as I can who struggle with mental illness! Thanks!

  14. Legoracers says

    Very helpful lecture on anxiety fear depression from the guidance of the Quran, by Dr Zaid Kasim Ghazzawi. 😊

  15. Jacob O'Brien says

    Allot of people do not talk about their problems they just bottle it all up in their head i.e traumas from the past, feelings of not wanting to do anything, wanting to sleep the day away, or drink and use drugs to get through the day, feelings of worthlessness and not feeling like they belong, feelings or harming themselves, feelings of not thinking they can be loved…etc the list can go on. With what I went through in my life i should have got help years ago! from all my traumas when when i was a boy. People in my life i.e family should have insisted that i got help…but instead i drank alcohol for over 20 years (starting when i was a teenager) because of my anxiety and depression was so bad!. I need therapy and want to get help. All the best to all who suffer with Anxiety or depression there is hope for you.

  16. A Red Fox says

    It never really goes away. It just stays there with you and you just lose interest in life.

  17. Angelika Joy says

    I hate how people assume that if u have depression, ur sad and miserable all the time . But we act okay and no one can tell the difference, and even if they do they won’t think twice and forget.

  18. southern rita says

    Yes. I kno the feeling;(

  19. alyisdead says

    I wish I had meds that made me feel nothing

  20. Jaycee Lynch says

    What a trigger

  21. Aesthetic Tranny says

    When your aunt tells you that you can just get over it.

  22. Butter Kitten says

    One time in P.E I feelt really bad and I honestly wanted to take my own life, a teacher came up to me and asked if they could do anything to help and I had only one request, to see my sister (she also went to that school), but they said no. I have never wanted to take my own life more than on that day. I have been  much better now under summer break but I don't want to go back because I don't want to feel that way anymore. (Sorry for my English)

  23. Ayesha Mehar says

    I have depression and anxiety. I stopped my meds because of my gynecologist who thought it was causing hormonal problem. I was all good on meds till yesterday(it used to make me sleepy but not sad atleast) and this morning I woke up feeling like something heavy clenched on my chest.

  24. マリーIza says

    Unsolicited advice? Embrace your own monsters and learn to live with it so it can no longer scares you. You made it through another day and you'll definitely make it through the others. I won't tell you to cheer up because that wont do anything, instead I wish you all strength. You'll get through this.

  25. Katie Drake says

    This is so meeeeeeee!!! 😫😫😫😫

  26. I can relate…

  27. Abby says

    Have hope.
    Stay strong.

  28. Silke’s Opinion. says

    I have an ibf with depression and i know that because i don’t have depression i probably will never understand it fully but i try to make her day better when i can although i don’t get to talk with her very often

  29. Fay Punsuwan says

    When I was told to smile I felt like I’m stapping my heart but It doesnt hurt the same way,it felt like nobody care about me

  30. ashtyn stormes says

    I have depression and before I was medicated taking a shower felt equal to deadlifting 400 lbs.

  31. Creative Username says

    I hate it when my parents tell me to smile more because I look so sad and unwelcoming. I hate it even more when I smile and they feel the need to ask why I'm smiling.

  32. Liz Grimm says

    So hard.

  33. Ka'Brieyl Joseph says

    I have depression as well and I also dropped out of school for the sake of my sanity.

  34. Larissa Johnson says

    I have depression I even dropped out of school

  35. Bellaq says

    I hate it when people without depression come up to me and say 'are you ok? You look really sad. Cheer up.'

  36. Kathrine Lantier says

    I have depression and a cutter and I feel worse when people make smart remarks about depression or cutting.Also when I try my hardest at things and they call me "pretty"which means stupid.Does anyone else feel this way?

  37. Bright hoseok • says

    When I sleep it’s an escape for me

  38. Brandy Yolidio says

    I feel guilty for having depression. I am a mom and I should be fawning over my child, instead he avoids me because he knows mommy's brain hurts…

  39. Maryne Steyn says

    …I feel bad for having depression because I feel like I dont have a reason and me being depressed is unfair to people who actually struggle…..😕

  40. Sophie Stanton says

    I have depression and one reason the guy I like so much is because he’s recovering from depression himself so he’d understand and wouldn’t just tell me that It’s a teen phase

  41. A. De S. says

    "Having depression is like being in an abusive relationship with yourself, both physically and mentally." …And now I'm crying. That's so accurate.

  42. jade king says

    when you put on efforts not to look too
    much like a zombie every damn day and one day you’re just even more exhausted than usual and someone just comes to you and be like “damn girl you look depressed haha” 😑

  43. Tamoshaa says

    Depression- the worst thing in life

  44. Sinderella says

    0:56 yah..it suck´s when people say this to depressive souls.. :/

  45. Kai Is a Wombat says

    I'm depressed. I'm only 14 and I've been depressed for about a year and a half, but I didn't understand what was wrong until a few months ago. It's like the world all came crashing down on me at once. Abusive relationship/friendships, a terrible breakup, my mom having cancer, and being super stressed about school made everything 500 times worse than it already was. I used to be depressed about school and thinking I would never go anywhere with my life and that I'd get stuck in a boring job, and that nothing I was learning was important. Now I have all these added things that make it so much worse and I just want to… Not exist. But I'm scared of dying

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