12 Cool Science Tricks That Will Make Your Friends Go "Omg! How?" DIY Tricks & Life Hacks by Blossom

12 Cool Science Tricks That Will Make Your Friends Go "Omg! How?" DIY Tricks & Life Hacks by Blossom
Impress your friends this weekend with these 12 cool science tricks! Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below! For more science tricks, DIY …

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  1. Jesse Flores says

    Omg I cant even watch these videos anymore because how fake it is. I'm going to real YouTube channels.

  2. 張俊樂CHEUNG CHUN LOK IAN says


  3. 張俊樂CHEUNG CHUN LOK IAN says

    I think

  4. 張俊樂CHEUNG CHUN LOK IAN says

    nope, it cannot make me say OMG! How? bc I watched Mythbusters >:)

  5. Mohd Iqbal says

    0:56 how's that possible 😲😲

  6. Lera Repina says

    5:54 Russian flag?


    They keep repeating the same thing

  8. ItsBang Tubēr says

    I'll never say no to science ever again!, I mean this is really cool and I never knew science would be so amazing.

  9. Poonam Sharma says

    Put oil on one scale and fly a small sheet💯💯💯💯

  10. tapas dawn says

    Who like science for blossom?

  11. Gacha lover says

    Me:see's plastic straw
    Also me vesco girl: you guys are the reason why turtles are dying

  12. Windy Tran says

    good video, it very crazy

  13. Bailey Sollars says

    So you’re saying if I put my bones in my body and vinegar overnight while I sleep in my bones it will turn bendy

  14. Nisha Jayesh says

    Take a bottle . Pour some vineger , dish soap . Mix it well . Then add some baking soda . Mix all the items . Do not hold and mix .

  15. mariana 99 says

    Alguien que vale en español 😚🙂😃😋😉😎😅😁🤣😊

  16. Sameen Saeed says

    srsly…? Grade 7 science class….basic stuff really

    Cool tho

  17. Karina Hernández says


  18. Epic Memes says

    How can you show this to something you don't have exactly????

  19. Amber Mendes says

    I love science

  20. -alpaca- says

    5:59 all i can say is,.


  21. Sri Rudrani says

    Experiments are perfectly done…all r fine…and some are really amazing… editing can be done more better…Ty for a nice video …😊👍

  22. Karolina Palica says

    Song ?

  23. Sean P says

    At 9 min, were those homemade shrinky dinks?!?!?!

  24. Veverunka Sv. says


  25. Elizabeth Black says

    Thoroughly enjoyed this! What a clever cloggs you are!

  26. DIYs & CRAFTs says

    Cool tricks 👍👍

  27. Autumn says

    I need to try the first one 🤩

  28. Trisha Campbell says


  29. xGamergirl x says

    Some of the tricks are fake so be CARFUL AND IF YOU TRY ITS RISKY JUST SAYIN'

  30. Eda Shala says

    Wat like😊

  31. Arzu Khanom says

    Everything is in science.

  32. duck says

    The empire of ducklinton will soon rise to its former glory!

  33. Chintu CruiZerrr says

    The last one aww….. Really Awesome 😍😍😍

  34. 👌😮👍

  35. tuli tuli says

    😦😦😦 How do you

  36. meenu Sharma says

    wow i have a no words spech less

  37. Kiddo Schutz says

    6:11 it’s alive🤣

  38. Kerwwyn Gonzales says

    The rose with highlighter worked for me

  39. Louis Norte says

    wooow. now what?.

  40. Shipra Katiyar says


  41. Halinea Michael says

    Does anybody know what the app was that they used? On the clear thing to make the jellyfish float

  42. GREENRULES says

    I swear if I had a friend or if I end up with children and they ruin a disc for video games, I'm not gonna care they are, they dead


    Wow 👏

  44. Мария Белова says

    00:12 can the glass brakes because cold?

  45. Govind Rawat says


  46. Siti Haryani says
  47. جمال أوتار الصمت says

    عرب ماكو ليش 😂😂

  48. Natalia BSP MSP says

    6:30 my favorite science of all :0

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