12 Extraordinary Before-And-After Weight Loss Photos

12 Extraordinary Before-And-After Weight Loss Photos
The Beth Project is a collection of photos by Blake Morrow, chronicling the 150-pound weight loss of his friend Beth. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow …

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  1. Hurtful _Truth says

    So she isn’t beautiful not skinny? Does everyone HAVE to be skinny? Is fat WRONG? As a Plus sized woman, I’m COMPLETELY offended!

  2. AriesMale88 says

    Cute, quirky, fantastic!

  3. Baby Marioh says


  4. KT Rainbow says

    Beth u go girl like if you think so #goals #be-yourself

  5. Sage Markham says

    Awesome photos!

  6. LaNia West-Henry says

    Why do she remind me of Katy Perry like look at her face especially in the boxing round picture

  7. Momo Yaoyorozu says

    My weight loss photos:

    Before: Curvy

    After: Same thing

  8. Blue Stars says

    My name is Beth too!

  9. Audry says

    LOL I just got a papa johns comericial

  10. Dara Danae says

    0:53 Diego&Frida♡

  11. Bella Stamp says

    It's the same person each time in every picture I thought it would be lots of different people but it's not!😡😬

  12. Emily khan says

    wow back when buzzfeed would admit people were fat and not try to see fat is beautiful

  13. Bexy Evans says

    I joined Cambridge on Saturday, and I already feel a change.

  14. ALICE SILVA says

    Love much talk about weight loss diets is very important to take care of the body and keep fit. Fad diets were not working for me. Always little lost weight and returned to win my weight quickly. But in 2016 I met a friend who lost a lot of weight. She showed me the diet she had done. I did the same diet and managed to lose a lot of fat in the belly and 26 pounds. I found the diet of this site here https://t.co/x20dPwSYC7

  15. Alannah says

    Already losing weight. Simple and practical.. here https://t.co/engzN1xy3F 🙂

  16. Brianna Mccarthy says

    My mom also had gastric bypass

  17. K04C says

    I'm actually kinda skinny… idk… no one says I am. My wrists are DEFINITELY skinny though.

  18. wild cucumber says

    Lol I thought it was Dawn French

  19. Janina Morrow says

    My friends think me and blake are related… We are to different races and i don't think I have white family on my dad's side

  20. Erza Scarlet says

    slay Beth slay

  21. Rain The Budgie says

    I got a McDonald commercial

  22. Aurora says

    I started taking weightloss green store tea about a month ago and so far, as a result of following the provided instructions, lost 5 lbs. I've noticed the slimmer difference in my appearance.

  23. Walrus King says

    They should've used Gucci Mane

  24. Alysakred says

    Everyone comment #yaaasssbeth

  25. N00NAN says

    Why'd she have the WWF title if it's a boxing match?

  26. Hye Song says

    This is interesting.

  27. Cellone G says


  28. Inisha Arulrasa says


  29. Omar Nouradi says

    Great exemple, cheat your way into losing weight….

  30. Adrian Dominic says

    Reinforcing stereotypes. Nice. That's going to lead to collective body positivity— Oh, wait, no it won't.

  31. Wakkosgirl says

    I must ask this question. Some might find it inflammatory but it does pertain. Did the lady have any surgery to her arms? My sister had the same surgery and lost over 100 lbs but her biceps are saggy.  This same thing has happened to a lot of other women I know who had the surgery. (Yep, epidemic for a while in this office. It was THE thing to do) The only other thing I can think of is that she did a very specific group of exercises while losing so her arms kept their shape rather than heading south.  If that is the case I would really really like to know what those exercises were!!!  I would definitely pass them on!

  32. namai says

    Don't underestimate the things that will happen toMORROW

  33. wendys wife says

    Who else got a weight loss commercial?

  34. Jillian Edwards says

    I joined weight watchers 2 months ago and have lost over 20 lbs or 10kg bc I live in Australia:) and I couldn't be happier

  35. A Green Koala says

    Now this is something I applaud.
    Being of an unhealthy weight is understandable. But glorifying it, calling people who dislike it "fat-shamers", saying that they are super healthy when they clearly aren't and hating on slim people is absolutely disgusting.

    I applaud this girl for taking action and getting to a healthy weight. She must feel so much better!

  36. danshifackao says

    and i thought i did a good job losing 70lbs lmao

  37. D'Tāh TeVï says

    i'm 88.2lb m8 xD

  38. Rebekah Pena says

    go beth!

  39. Lulu Monet says

    Can you make the likes on the same number

  40. Lulu b The Hamilton fangirl says

    Good for her

  41. Meryann Reviews says

    Wait. who was the other lady?

  42. StingaB1 says

    Looooooooove this!!!

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