12 Gross BFF Confessions

12 Gross BFF Confessions
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  1. H Depp Manson says

    My best friend is a guy😂❤️❤️I love him xxxxx

  2. Lathifah Ludmilla says

    My bestie and i check out other guys…not so secretly.
    It goes a little something like this :

    Me : I KNOW

  3. NOLWAZI says

    This was more disturbing then gross. 😕But I won't judge we not all the same so ya.

  4. I'm a Potato says

    Anyone else over here like I love my friends but like…the granola one was just too much 😖😖

  5. Ema me says

    The nudes part, me and my best friend do the same

  6. Lena S says

    My best friend and I high five every time one of us takes a shet.

  7. Sophie Louise says

    Me and my best friend try and see who can fart for longer lol

  8. Alexandra Somuano says

    Where can i get a best friend ????

  9. AnimeLlamaa says

    Best friend?
    whats ThAt?

  10. Langston Tyler says

    The ones that got to me : I chewed her granola bar. She could not see below her belly so I shaved her. I wiped her poop because her nails were wet 😑 like honey she your Bff and all but really that’s a lil far

  11. Lily Panda says

    Me and my bff pretend that we are chefs and take each other's hands to make food only to hurt eachother

  12. Toxic Angel says

    The leg hair one isn’t that bad. The rest of them.
    that better be your best friend of like 20 years.

  13. I’ll shank you So fuck off says

    My best friend sends me her vagina and asks if it’s cute

  14. UnLucky says

    My friend does the last one but she'll talk normal in my ear instead of a whisper or she yells.

  15. Marcela Alfaro says

    I got my braces tighten today… I’m ok lol

  16. Tabitha Domino says

    Meanwhile in girl world…

  17. LaLa ;-; says

    My bestfriend randomly attacks me…

    Like I'll be minding my own business and then she'll come outta no where like
    "RAAAA!!!!" And tackles me..😂😂😐

    Oh and we rate each other
    Outfits, hair, makeup, boobies, etc

  18. Tae’sGucciFlipFlop says

    Me and my bestfriend randomly scream each other’s name when we see each other. And when we scream it isn’t the girly scream, it’s weird voice cracks XD

  19. Chelsea Perry says

    But these are just white chicks…

  20. BTS HUB &More says

    0:14 wait how old was she when she got married

  21. French Toast says

    These are real friends

  22. Allilyne Rutherford says

    I think some of them are actually in a relationship….

  23. _nesquik_boi says

    All of these are the definition of true friendship

  24. Trust me,it’s not only us girls are weird😂

  25. Del Templeton says

    Bwahahahaha. On my wedding day one bridesmaid held my giant gown up and my other bridesmaid wiped me. No dignity in trying to pee on your wedding day lol.

  26. Reagan_With An_A says

    my friend licks everything to claim it as hers…
    she licked my whole arm in front of all our friends

  27. Shay shay says

    This is how you know you to are best friends

  28. Rachel Moon says

    One time my class went out to this big party/dinner thing and I had fake nails on but couldn’t pull up my trousers so my bff had to come help me 😂

  29. Amy Anime Lover says

    true BFF goals

  30. Livi Olson says

    My best friend and I lick off the same sucker and don’t care 🤷‍♀️

  31. from death to life says

    Me and my bestie smack each others asses when we are walking in places where they are so many people to see their reaction And when she annoys me i bite her hand😂😂😂😂

  32. bxby_jala says

    "Send nudes to my bff before sending them to guys"


  33. Hello Bye says

    It’s weird but I want a best friend like this 😂

  34. Carlisa Sobolesky says

    This just proves that us girls can be just as disgusting as dudes. Maybe even more disgusting.

  35. ChickChick064 says

    My bestie bites me

  36. Ethereal Taehyung says

    My best friend’s a guy with really long leg hair and I just randomly stroke it when I’m bored

  37. Snow Blizzard says

    My best friend's a guy there is this really annoying girl that keeps trying to date him so I agreed to pretend to be his girlfriend he had to kiss me on the cheek to make it believable 😆😆

  38. ocean says

    0:57 me and mine do that (:

  39. Kalysta Kraska says

    Me and my friends slap each other in the all the time no matter where we are-I swear she is going to do at at my wedding😂

  40. Kaitlyn Williams says

    Me and my friend are on snapchat for like twenty minutes in the shower i figued out yesterday we both do that i was texting her wile we were both in the shower

  41. Veronica's Love says

    My best friend and I just shout “AND PEGGY” across the hall

  42. Chicken Nugget ! says

    Gross? This is what real friends are

  43. maria amaro says

    and I thought I was gross with my bff

  44. Alex Sond says

    My bff and I share lollipops 😛

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