13 Curvy Girl Fashion Hacks and DIY Outfit Ideas

13 Curvy Girl Fashion Hacks and DIY Outfit Ideas
Hey all you curvy girls out there! We noticed there’s only a few DIY videos about how to best accentuate your natural shape, so we answered your requests and …

 13 #Curvy #Girl #Fashion #Hacks and #DIY #Outfit #Ideas
Source Crafty Panda
  1. Ashax_o says

    WTF is that music

  2. Lilia Bounab says

    I ebay those curves.. :<

  3. Lola Loud says

    -Doesn't feel confident? You're gorgeous, babe, love yourself ❤️

  4. unizay ibrar says

    felt shame

  5. Sea says

    i WISH my fat was shaped like that

  6. Kylie Timberlake says

    These hacks can be for anyone and everyone. Not just specifically curvy girls.

  7. littledreamr says

    I see all these beautiful curvy women and I think they all look amazing the way they are… but then I look at myself and feel depressed.

  8. girl queen says

    Leute seid ihr schon mal auf die idee gekommen, einfach einne Gürtel zu benutzen? Bei dem hack mit dem strech-gummiband?😂weil ich hab öfter einen gürtel zuhause wie sk ein band …ear nur noch ne idee…wer findet den kanal auch gut,weil da nicht immer nur bohnenstangen kommen😅😃aber ich finde blossom,123 go und gitl hacks auch cool..Wer ist auch meiner Meinung?

  9. Havana Oh Na Na says

    she's curvy but she doesn't have double chin. and my problem is my dumb double chin ugh 😭

  10. Caroline Victory says

    The only problem with some of these hacks is her bra showing😱

  11. George says

    I want a girl with her same body type. So beautiful.

  12. Wolfie Nightcore says

    3.20….she cut it uneven….OCD…

  13. Sena Yalçin says


  14. Lena zima says

    Прикольно 🙂

  15. lol what says

    Am I the only one who actually likes themself

  16. Sam PH says


  17. ندوش العنيدة says

    في حدة هون عربي ولا بس انا …..هههههه

  18. Carina Rocha says

    Você. É linda.

  19. Wendy Wedderburn says

    She is a very confident woman

  20. Miranda Harrington says

    Who just so happens to carry glue with them?

  21. ash 19 says

    I'm so happy seeing that people are appreciating her body coz I have the same body type exactly the same except my height is shorter than her .. I'm really insecure about my body bcz all my life everybody had just called me fat except my best friend who thinks my body is pretty. Seeing all these people talking positive about her gave me a Lil bit of confidence and now I think i can too fulfill my desire of wearing a bodycon dress which initially I never wanted to in order to hide my big hips and thighs

  22. Ketlin Kampus says

    So you went home just to glue some strings or whatever to ur headband? You could just change the shirt

  23. Apollo 89 says

    U don’t have to be curvy be plus size

  24. Taurus says

    Some of these hacks are alright, some are hilarious.

  25. なら痩せなさい、

  26. fati fleur says


  27. Otro mundo perfecto says

    nombre de la segunda canción por favor
    second song name pliss

  28. Chéryl Blossøm says

    Özgüven diye buna denir

  29. León Guerrero says

    This chubby girl can shred all of my clothes, and still I will be in love with her…

  30. stubbed toe says

    she’s really beautiful!

  31. Cats do not exist says

    When you bring fabric glue to lunch with your friend 👀 v realistic v relatable

  32. Sreenivasa Chari says

    She is fat lol like if agreed

  33. bk marouan says


  34. Peep X says

    I wish I was curvy😢

  35. Annu kashyap says

    kaha se late ho itna dimag

  36. Kht CreamStables says

    She's beautiful😊💖

  37. Shannon Pridmore says

    Anybody know where that leather/pu skirt is from?

  38. Serene Euphoria says

    I wish I had her figure

  39. euse word2 says


  40. Jana Mostafa says

    What do powder baby in my bag 😂😂😂

  41. Evelyn then says

    Ella es hermosa,y su cuerpo es perfecto tal y como es

  42. Sharanabasava Kandgulkar says

    What is your name?

  43. beautifulpeople says

    Omg love this video all the ideas do yall also always listen to music while u choose ur outfits??? Lately I'm totally into bands like Nirvana, Oasis and Delta Parole, etc. what music do u listen too?

  44. the FlawlessBeauty says

    Wow, what a treak 🤟😘🙋

  45. Qpid 1986 says

    Now every girl wants to be a fashion designer..

  46. Sara doll says

    Thank you 💗

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