13 Easy Peasy Peeling Hacks! DIY Food Prep and Tricks

13 Easy Peasy Peeling Hacks! | DIY Food Prep and Tricks by Blossom
Learn how to peel all kinds of foods with our easy to do peeling hacks! Make cooking easy and fun with these hacks to help you peel food fast Subscribe to …

13 Easy Peasy Peeling Hacks! DIY Food Prep and Tricks. #Easy #Peasy #Peeling #Hacks #DIY #Food #Prep  #Tricks
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  1. OLGA Leonidovna says


  2. Jareen Khan says

    Super very good 😂😊😊😊

  3. ชอบจัง

  4. Maria Maria says

    Sei não

  5. Neil 000 says

    Mixing salt in the milk? Girl you are crazy

  6. krripp kanojia says

    Can I get a LIKE to feel SPECIAL !!!

  7. alif p k ayalur says

    Spoon or knife???😫

  8. АЛЕКСАНДР Skelet says

    6:43 у меня так зимой в машине происходит

  9. Lisa Astuti says

    Intip chanel aku ya

  10. DREAMS Come TRUE says

    Thank you dear 😊
    Easy and simply 😍

  11. De Ce Minti says

    90% of these are fake.

  12. İlayda Dogan says

    Blooson Tam bir yalancı dediği her şeyi uyguladım ama hiçbir işe yaramadı

  13. Abhinav Pandey says

    Doodh me namak nahi milana chahea

  14. MS TV Fish Cutting says

    So now my milk, salt, vinegar tastes like strawberry got me my bread, and I smell the smell of peanut butter Cup disbursement diamond mine ….. Ok

  15. apple Molina says

    Nagalas ata araramidem bagtit

  16. Katherine Kaza says

    I get hungry when I sEAFOOd get it?

  17. Preeshmacj Cj says

    Wow amazing

  18. Anshul Chaudhary says

    because I am Indian

  19. Anshul Chaudhary says

    Sorry but I hate meat

  20. Momo Angel says

    I love peaches with skin between who take them off or peel em … ?

  21. LI lol says

    4:31 … but were is the sellerie? Because the bread will be moldy after few days ….XD

  22. Thusithara Thabonathan says

    Me:Who puts salt in there milk?
    Blossom: We do

  23. Suman Sharma says

    If we add salt to milk it will spoil

  24. RIO says

    Ya now we dont have a knife to peel the ginger ha
    ..and removing the tomato peel is a big thing of concern

  25. Anonymous says

    Al malayali here 😁

  26. Georgina Barus says

    Where were you orange peeling hack when I was biting my orange skin off in class

  27. Yash Agarwal says


  28. Celestia Ashley says

    In the start I thought those were fished or snails

  29. Duru Müzik says

    super duper!

  30. ferena vinandia says

    hello Blossom Channel, I'm from bestCreative one of your subscribers. may I use your content? I don't post on YouTube, I only use it on my FB fanpage, and I'll share your link on YouTube too. please be able to give me this permission. I apologize in advance for what I did. Thank you very much.

  31. Just Tube24 says

    That hot coal.. booo👎👎

  32. Reza Syarif says

    Most of them were fake

  33. Shafia Khan says


  34. Sheeba Parveen says

    Sbse zada bkwas video h

  35. Sheeba Parveen says

    Biljul jhut dikha rhe h esa kuch nhi ho rha h mene try kya h

  36. JALAPADS XCTN says

    Some of those doesn't really works

  37. SoundMesh - No Copyright Music says

    now i am hungry!😭😭😭

  38. Alextremo says

    Jajajaja this video makes me laugh

  39. Susi Yani says


  40. Alextremo says

    En el de la fresa claramente se nota que el siguiente paquete que mete al agua es nuevo y el anterior es como de 3 semanas antes

  41. Lee Steal says

    I am not a fan of the microwave, sorry.

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