13 Easy Peeling Hacks to Make You Look Like a Pro!! How to Peel Like a Chef! Blossom

13 Easy Peeling Hacks to Make You Look Like a Pro!! How to Peel Like a Chef! Blossom
Go from amateur to pro with these 13 easy peeling hacks from top chefs! Learn how to easily peel an orange, peel and devein shrimp, and cut open a pineapple …

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  1. Unspoken Wolfie says

    Lol this is re-uploaded

  2. Aaron Yu says

    Oh no! You spilled alcohol on the carpet! What do you dooooo?

    Clean it up with carpet cleaner designed to clean up stains such as this on- NOPE.

    Pour more alcohol on it, that'll do the job! 😀

  3. Pedro Suliman says

    8:47 nothing

  4. Sarrinah Safaa says

    Damn, that orange lookin' thicc

  5. Joan Hamilton says

    Now if only the beer had no smell. I’m not putting that on my carpet!

  6. Yuri Masuta says

    Ok actually no one is gonna talk about she put beer in the pancake bc she wants to be fluffy girl you are gi tu your child's BEEER

  7. Army Sings says

    At 4:33 it’s jimin 😂🥳🤪🤩

  8. lovableAlexa says

    I don't think the aluminum can is good to be cooking with the chk ugh

  9. Greys Inferno says

    Going to have to look like an alcoholic to do all this stuff.

  10. Allie Schlegel says

    Like if I want more clothing hacks

  11. Beth Weightman says

    No no no no!!! Do not just cut off the mold and eat the cheese! u need to throw it away! You can get very sick from eating it! Gross!!!!! Are you trying to give your viewers food poisoning?! DO NOT TRUST EVERY THING YOU SEE IN THIS VIDEO!!!!

  12. Fipper music 353 says

    Blosom is verry lazy, like, they alredy posted this video

  13. Rayan Wajid says

    10:00 does that changes taste??

  14. Nebulous WT says

    Cerveja ajuda planta desde quando? Kkkk wtf "O mundo não é mais o mesmo"

  15. 21bnk says

    Most things is microwave what happened if you don't have one??

  16. Andra Sandu says


  17. Camila Lorenzo says

    i will try the one of the plants

  18. BlaaQ Hippie says

    Beer, clean your tools… Then drink it.

  19. Axle Greyson Archer says

    Oh no. My shag carpet is stained and smells like wine. Better use beer to clean it up. Now theres no stain and my carpet will make guests think im an alcoholic

  20. Alexandre Alves says

    É parece que cerveja resolve qualquer problema 🍻🍺

  21. Silence is Diamond says

    Skin of turmeric that is the outer part is healthy. We must not peel it .

  22. Karina. K.A. says

    Hello frends
    Love Video

  23. miss lavender says

    Am i the only one who would barely tries after watching these kind of videos??😆😅

  24. Hina Fatima says

    Plant hack

  25. КоментАратор says

    В современном пиве столько химии, что не удивительно куда его можно употреблять…
    Жаль пить его противно…

  26. Адия Олжатай says

    То чувство когда одна русская

  27. Nina Baeva says


  28. Space Celebration says

    Reminds me of some Call me By your Name Vibes

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