13 Fitting Room Struggles We Can All Relate To!! Clumsy Girl Struggles by Blossom

13 Fitting Room Struggles We Can All Relate To!! Clumsy Girl Struggles by Blossom
We’ve all been there! Which one of these 13 fitting room struggles do you relate to the most? For more clumsy girl struggles, subscribe to Blossom! Enjoying our …

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  1. Nunya Biz says

    Her face at 2:50 😂 love it

  2. Berilay Güdücü says

    22 saat önce atmışsınız

  3. Yahye Abdullahi says

    So founy bleas like

  4. Maimaa Buyaiuy says


  5. Bota Altinbek says

    Я угораю от её флекса😂 0:20

  6. Ashwaq Mahbub Abdi says


  7. Kintada Kranthi says

    Her acting skills are awesome

  8. Krysha Krishna says

    Who all clicked here just because of this girl

  9. Devapreeta Jena says

    I like her figure …

  10. Sharon Ting says

    anyone knows her ig? she's awesome!!

  11. Soph W says


  12. anastasia qavtaradze says

    This girl is so funny l love 💖💖💖💖

  13. DS -Share Your Pet's Stories says

    0:37 😂Girl you should make movies. You're amazing

  14. [-Puppi Toga 12-] says

    Get a outfit “try” it on
    Take off tag
    Then put it on and if someone asks say
    “Oh I left it in the (outfit) in the dressing room!”
    you can do it with earring sorta but hide the earring then put them on!

  15. M C says

    This girl is soooo funny😂😂
    Love ya❤

  16. KittenLover meowmeowmeow says

    The only reason you have so many so many followers is becuase YOU HAVE THE BEST CHANNEL!

  17. Uyên Mỹ says

    She looks funny 😂😂
    Excellent actor ❤

  18. Natalie C says

    6:19 jimin's hands would be amazing for this situation lol

  19. Dina Flores Chichia says

    Iove love 😅😉

  20. Vanesha Nankishore says

    Bro i nearly peed my pants while watching this😂😂

  21. Fernanda Ali says

    Please..some director who call her for a movie!!

  22. Epic Memes says

    omg i HATE trying to take stuff that's too small for me off.
    friggin' ten years later- my mom"hunny, you alright?"

  23. Nasima Khatun says

    I love this woman she funny 😆 n very cute 🤣🤣🤣

  24. ACAS Claire Rafferty says

    00:54 is what the girls restroom is in high school

  25. Hanna Chapman says

    2:21 a tampon on the floor nice lol😂😂😂

  26. Thamara Priyadarshani says

    U r soo cute

  27. Divya Lakshmy says

    This is super ya

  28. Sei lá pow says

    I Love this girl

  29. MIKA 0953 says

    Sa menina e doida

  30. sashas world says

    Heyy girl love your videosss seriously
    huge love and 10000000000000000000000000)0000)00000000000000000000kisesses from Indiakerala love you dear

  31. Slyer Born says

    Surely this girl knows some moves

  32. Amanda Davis says

    She is the only one that makes me laugh as hard as I did

  33. F Cdl says

    I love, love, LOVE her acting.

  34. Have Fun With Belen says

    7:14 if you need a towel why do you have one on ???

  35. What Is More fun?:

    -like: the video
    -coment: the bloopers

  36. Maxene Ursua says

    I ​definitely understand her. Sometimes, I jump around in circles while putting on jeans. The struggle is real…

  37. Kennedy Songcuan says

    0:40 i love that part cause u say it perfectly im because i am from spain

  38. Viktória Nagy says

    I think the mirror is just the other way around. The mirrors in the fitting rooms show you very unattractive. At least in my case.

  39. Yellow Hearts says

    She’s funny more videos of her plz

  40. Grass • says

    0:26 we played that in orchestra 🤣

  41. alexandra fernandes says

    I love this girl. She' s so funny.

  42. R eichimie says

    let's admit she has a perfect body figure
    like i envy

  43. LaNiya Zetar says

    Love u blossom 😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  44. Reloup Mortal says

    This girl's actor game is so cool !! 💖
    I wish i where like her ;-;

  45. Andrea Collazo says

    I heard a voice and I thought I was dreaming

  46. Andrea xoxo says


  47. Patience Julia says

    I really love this❤❤❤❤

  48. mind catcher says

    I just love this girl

  49. Cynthia Parker says

    this girl cracks me up!!! 😄😄

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