13" Macbook Air 2013 Review!

13" Macbook Air 2013 Review!
The Haswell Macbook Air just became a truly all-day ultraportable. 13″ Haswell Macbook Air: http://amzn.to/121QX06 11″ Haswell Macbook Air: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. 63frogsinahat says

    mine just died and I bought it used from my brother. went dark and won't turn on.

  2. sami firdose says

    still holding onto this

  3. rapeeng says

    thank you, young marques

  4. T H I C C boi says

    resolution doesn't consume that much battery life, they could've put a 1080p display on this thing and it would have been pretty perfect

  5. Adam Kirchner-Jacobsen says

    Hehe exactly the same intro as today

  6. Sarah says

    Mark ass brownley

  7. PuppetMemeStealer says

    This video aged like fine wine

  8. Ram Duker says

    watching in 2019 on early 2014 macbook air

  9. Jarel Dinagit says

    Do the MacBook Air 2013 has airdrop?
    Anyone ?

  10. Deni Supraba says

    Hello 2019!!

  11. Aryan Tiwari says

    retina macbook air is finally here, 4 years later

  12. Romie Tha homie says

    Thanks for the review I’ll thinking bout upgrading to this from the MacBook Pro 15 inch late 2008

  13. Mazin Bashar says

    2019 anyone?

  14. Anirban Goswami says

    Anyone in 2018? XD

  15. Gumbo Kibelloh says

    Took apple over 5 years to bring the retina display to the Macbook air

  16. Mikey says

    2018 and it still doesn't have a retina display and still looks the exact same

  17. Zach Anderson says

    It’s 2018 and there’s still no Retina display

  18. Sneaky Hobbitses says

    any broke bitches watching in 2018?

  19. Ninos Youkhana says

    How much is the price of this mac now?

  20. Preston Ferry says

    This was posted on Michael Jackson’s death date 4 years later after his death.

  21. Naveen says

    more than 4 years later, and this is still my daily driver. the battery life of this computer with high Sierra is absolutely incredible

  22. Pradeep Nayak says

    Still looks the same (2017) 😒
    Black small bezels
    1080 display

  23. Trace C. says

    Anybody watching in 2018? 🙂

  24. Greg Ai says

    Watching in 2017, he looks less black than now.

  25. Strat says

    They should just make the MacBook airs Retina, and then remove the 13" MacBook Pro/MacBook 12".

  26. Joshua Cortez says

    what gen is this Marques???
    How do you find out what gen you have??

  27. Nathaniel Pettit says


  28. tb1819 says

    is this still worth buying in 2017?

  29. Bill Overbeck says

    Best portable computer I own and have ever owned. It's a powerhouse for its size unfortunately the battery is shit with macos seria and I would totally have stayed with mountain lion if they kept supporting the software.

  30. Arav Dhawan says

    Macbook Air 13 " day after tomorrow

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