13 Moments You Need To Have In New York City

13 Moments You Need To Have In New York City
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  1. 256 says

    i dont think a new yorker made this and it really shows

  2. Rabithgold 48 says

    My favorite nyc moment is when the sun shines on Manhattan

  3. Charlie says

    View from empire state

  4. Viviana Lemos says

    My favorite is getting new york pizza

  5. Memo Heaven says

    Meet a good girl !!!!!!

  6. finestcfc says

    When you get to a stop on a packed train and it emptys out !

  7. Yvette Beliz says

    eating pizza 🍕 duh!

  8. Kay Sinon says

    Whats the name of that bar?

  9. Cristina Timotei says

    Can someone tell me where this is 0:53 ?

  10. RN B says

    Where is number 11?

  11. sammi says

    I love all the fellow New Yorkers in the comments, makes me feel happy and I don't know why

  12. Ali N says

    Favorite moment is going to the Deli after a long hard day of school and treating myself to a baconeggandcheese & Arizona iced tea while scrolling Instagram

  13. Sophia Costas says

    my favorite moments are walking in my little neighborhood in Queens NY there are are places in NY then just Manhattan and Times Square buzzfeed. I love walking at day it's so beautiful its like a Mini Times square except I know everyone here and i feel safe while I ride around the block on my bike or go to my favorite cafes and parks..buzzfeed should do a video on NY outside of Manhattan ☺

  14. jellypenn says

    actually glad i did most of these

  15. Fabiana Rocío says

    My favorite moment was in a hotel in NJ that had a park and at night I would sit in the concrete in silence and watch the whole city right there in my face❤

  16. Jenna Rae says

    If you have the time and money I really recommend seeing a Broadway show (it's unlike anything) Seeing Les Mis was one of the best memories I've ever had👌🏻✨

  17. Captain Random says

    Just realized this isn't buzzfeed but they're using buzzfeeds video.

  18. mata 101 says

    who is she, she cute

  19. sharon 1661 says

    i live in new york 🙂

  20. pompom2001 says

    eatin buffet in jackson height followed by a fresh paan?
    visiting ur hella poor distant relatives in queens
    attending a wedding in bronx
    chelsea food market
    bubble tea in k town
    grimaldis in brooklyn

  21. Aileen McQuillan says

    Can't pick one favorite moment in NYC. My city is a dream, wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the world.

  22. Kelly Deng says

    I've done all of this about a million times,
    I live in NY

  23. Kristen Parelli says

    The roar of the subway and the wind as the car approaches the station

  24. Eve Williams says

    grand central is one of my favourite memories, took my breath away every time I walked through the main hall and a busker playing christmas songs on the steel drums in the subway

  25. Audrey Cronk says

    I love going to the San Gennaro festival in little italy. It's so beautiful

  26. Kika Awesome says

    running across the street, sun in face, backpack, with friends, out of school

  27. Rohan Khubchandani says

    Um WHAT ABOUT THE Statue of Liberty

  28. Daniel Herrera says

    omfg I've done all of this

  29. Eddie P says

    Coming back home from a long day at work or shopping for groceries and eating out because of their delicious foreign restaurants.

  30. Jason Rothman says

    Being from New York I would have to agree with all of these

  31. Caitlyn Cianci says

    I live in New York, and my favorite thing is someone who lets you in while merging into a lane

  32. Andrew says

    How bout going to a Yankee game?!

  33. Ned says


    Brooklyn is lovely but the bridge is smelly and jam packed with tourists

  34. All in 1 says

    watching it on YouTube . yeahhh crazy right? always want to go but never gets to

  35. Tiger Lily says

    I live in new york

  36. scarlet juju says

    oh man i wish i would live in new york

  37. Ella Cirillo says

    I've done almost all of those and I've only been to NYC twice

  38. Grell Sutcliff says

    I really want to be a ninja turtle now. Unfortunately, I live in Britain. 🙁

  39. Gigi Elizabeth says

    number one:go there during Christmas and New Year's Eve

  40. indighoul says

    I'm going to nyc to preform on carnegie hall with my choir in march and im so excited hopefully ill get to experience at least one of these

  41. tjasaaa. 16 says

    i read all these comments and i feel so sad.
    i am from a small country in europe and i might never get a chanse to go to NYC or anywhere outside europe 😭

  42. bts paved the way says

    i cant relate. I live in NY but only been to the city like 3 times my whole life because of school trips lmao

  43. ringo starr is an e boy says

    I live in Staten Island but, my favorite thing is seeing Time Square lit up at night.

  44. Mark Tringali says

    how come when i tell someone I'm from New York they say oh how do you like the city or so do you live in an apartment. New York isn't just a city.

  45. Barbie Girl says

    You know, i live in nyc. And there are the Bronx and Queens ya know, like The Bronx zoo and lots of really nice food spots in Queens. Manhattan isnt the only place to visit…

  46. Ceyda M Akay says

    The actress could look a look more enthusiastic she Is In NYC !

  47. Daddy Pig says

    But yet she looks so bored.

  48. PanicThoughts says

    I went where, she was eating…outside of a ShakeShack in NYC

  49. Dermot sullivan says

    From New York (well technically Long Island) but here's some advice; avoid Times Square like the plague and remember that Manhattan isn't the only borough

  50. Mariana GSA says

    Where is #11?

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