13 Rookie Mistakes All Women Make

13 Rookie Mistakes All Women Make
Makeup can be your best friend… or your worst enemy. Share on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1lk2YaY Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/18yCF0b …

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  1. eri says

    You don't need to hide your tampons. Jeez

  2. Tara Xx says

    I leaked on my date yesterday 😫🙏🙏

  3. Caroline Watts says

    I give in to my cravings that a nut job

  4. harsha vardhini says

    Yes agreed damn true guys …. and sometimes unknowingly over make up guys …. but it's ok bcos we all commit mistakes guys 😂😂😂

  5. Mera Ravenclaw says

    How would you get the guys number

  6. Sara Rankins says

    Explain to me how that was misogynistic. It wasnt.

  7. Orph says

    I’ve never done any of this and im a girl..

  8. Inferno Gaming says

    The reason women should hide their tampons is the same reason men should hide their condoms. Decency.

  9. Talha Hashmi says

    I M So Glad I Wear Burkha, Allahu Akbar!

  10. Sasha la Croix says

    At the end of the video i had to paused coz i thought i heard my cat meowed loudly and i realized it was the song

  11. Cupcake Cult says

    I'll wear as much make up as I want

  12. yuval levy says

    It's not mistakes ok. It's things that accidentally happen, and shut up, I don't care who saw my tampon.

  13. Miki says

    Guys guess what. I’m a year 8, and in the girls bathroom at school there is a box full of like 20 pads, and another left for us to fill. The box comes with a note that says stuff about dignity and if someone needs a pad or tampon to just take one or two, and the other box to carry forth the favour 🥰

  14. DoritosFlamas 16 says

    The windy skirt thing has never happened to me….because I'm already self-conscious and freezing so I always wear leggings underneath

  15. Leyla Rustamova says

    What is a rookie?

  16. Ms. Saturday Knight says

    I try to keep my period discreet, but if the teacher won't let me use the bathroom even if I whisper that I'm bleeding, I will speak up

  17. Ritika Singh says

    Not only was the date mysogynist..so are you.. What's wrong with tampons

  18. Paul Pinto says

    Don't worry mate, take away money from the relationship and no woman would be interested. Saying that doesn't make you a misogynist. It makes you a realist

  19. Elliemcel says

    There's nothing wrong with ANY of these things. Smh

  20. grass with sass says

    Whenever my tampons fall out of my bag and boys see the I simply say
    ”yeah, I’m a woman. Whatcha gonna do about it?”

  21. Julia Eisenberg says

    Why don't you make a video about mistakes that men make, cause believe me, they make plenty of mistakes too.

  22. Sarah says

    i actually cuted my own hair, about 50cm and it turned quite well,
    i think if you know what you want and can picture how it will look with some confidence you can do it.
    plus its really empowering and relaxing, my experience was so calming

  23. Harmonie Bloomfield says


  24. Sri Manaswini says

    And why should the tampon be hidden?

  25. Karleigh Hovemo says

    lowkey feel like this was written or produced by a man …

  26. Yerosen Nabso says

    Omg I could totally relate

  27. Krishna sam says

    I agree with nailpoilsh 😂😂

  28. daily_dillusion says

    What is a "rookie woman" Exactly?

  29. Ditte Nyborg says

    Hehe, dont do any of this

  30. Madelin Agron says

    0:09 Marilyn Monroe Style

  31. Who paints their nails at work??

  32. Ramen _219 says

    I could never see Keith saying that 🤣

  33. hell_is_in_our_souls says

    I don't like the "all" part

  34. Tumblr Cat says

    1:11 that’s actually a mistake society makes

  35. Belen Hernandez says

    I can't be the only one who spotted that Marilyn Manson shirt at the end

  36. Bri Cheesy says

    Actually the correct term would be sexist, not misogynist. Mis is the greek root word for hate. So putting the entire word together, it means hate against women. If he truly hated them then he probably wouldn’t be dating them. When people misuse the term misogyny/misogynistic/misogynist it really bugs me. Just thought I’d let you know

  37. Maya Daly says

    13 rookie mistakes "some" women make, we don't all paint our nails, wax our eybrows, etc. Stereotypes…

  38. Christina Muratovic says

    1:17 OMG is that a Marilyn Manson shirt

  39. Jabnuska C: says

    the mistake is not "wearing too much makeup" it's wearing it ladies you don't need that

  40. how about no says

    When you're lesbian

  41. sappho says

    A ‘rookie woman’, you’re kidding right? You’re adults being unintelligent.

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