13 Strange Spring Break Photos You Won't Believe Actually Exist

13 Strange Spring Break Photos You Won't Believe Actually Exist
What happens on spring break stays on spring break! For more awesome family photos, check out http://bit.ly/1C5q0fS Check out more awesome …

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  1. Sharon Phan says


  2. Hootowlnumber 1 says

    I grew up in a photo shop. I was developing photos on my own at the age of 11. Some of the things I've seen… shudder

  3. Stone Keyboard says

    I've only had sunscreen once in my entire life, and that's when I got sunburned. Coincidence? I think not.

  4. ur mom says

    Why cover the random naked man, when it was zoomed in, when it was already in plain sight. Like someone could just screenshot it, then zoom in. Not that I would do that..😅

    Not hatin 😌👋

  5. Haliegh K says

    I wonder if Buzzfeed asked for permission for these photos.

  6. Roxane Fournier says

    All of my friends from other schools have been texting me from at home while I'm at school and I'm here like MY SPRING BREAK STARTS ON MONDAY

  7. Rose Gleek says

    I wasn't the least bit surprised by any of these photos so I'm not sure why I "wont beleive they exist"

  8. taeminty says


  9. PoniesPower says

    In Sweden, there was two nude children in the far background of our picture at the beach. XD

  10. Guacamole Tester says

    Poor little scarlet macaws.

  11. Brooke Wortham says

    Stop trying to make fetch happen its never going to happen

  12. chrispy tee says

    Spring broken

  13. Fart Vader says

    0:32 i laughed so hard at that one hahaha, i never understood the necessity of wearing black coats 24/7 at every place… can you use a black swimsuit? am not talking about bikini, but at least a black swimsuit xD

  14. Dalton Becker says

    I don't know who that parrot lady is, but she is lucky!

  15. MissKennedy18 says

    The second guy in the pink shirt reminds me of Jerry Seinfeld

  16. DiscoveredNotCreated says

    I think the Golden Gate pic is Baker Beach the portion closer to the bridge is the nudist portion, so the nude dudes in the right. 

  17. teal eyes says

    This shouldnt be under the news tab

  18. Some Numbers says

    OMG I was just in San Francisco then I saw the same guy!!!!!!!!!!!! But my dad didn't let me take a photo

  19. basheer shaban says

    do lesbians need condoms ??!!  

  20. ZeroFox75 says

    Lol that goth girl at the beach is totally me!

  21. James Hampton says

    i think i now the pink couple

  22. alex torres says

    I wish I was one of those parrots

  23. Dante Fernandes says

    The music in the background reminded me of the Things World Cup Players Do That Would Be Weird If You Did Them vid

  24. The Common Cold says

    The second last one looks like he's part of the X-men

  25. Maya John says

    Lmao of course the nudist was from SF

  26. Jay2a says

    Little kids never get any enjoyment out of anything.

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