14 Hair Hacks And Hairstyles Every Girls Should Know

14 Hair Hacks And Hairstyles Every Girls Should Know
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14 Hair Hacks And Hairstyles Every Girls Should Know. #Hair #Hacks #Hairstyles #Girls #Know
Source Troom Troom
  1. nevaeh garcia says

    Is this an troom troom video that is not stupid

  2. Adil Adil says

    Very nice 👌.

  3. Rahaf's World of fun says

    4:35 how can she see the back of her hair😅😕

  4. Rahaf's World of fun says

    1:45 troom troom: just one minute

    Me: 3 HOURS


  5. Farzand Ali says

    It's nice

  6. lilly z says

    NEVER EVER EVER iron your hair with a clothing iron it can BURN OUT YOUR HAIR


    Wow, very useful hacks

  8. Ysabeth Pagsi says


    Hello po. Share lang.
    Conditioner + Suka.
    Salon type of straight? Effective daw siya as per the youtube reviews kaya nagtry din ako pero ibang brands ang ginamit ko.
    Bakit ganun yung result?

  9. Marri Angela [S] says

    Wow superb I like your videos I am New subcriber

  10. EvaEvan Super Kids Thach says


  11. Judith Chavez Badillo says

    Thank you Rosie/Rosey/Rosy

  12. panda cookies says

    Wut was in ROSIES hair…..

  13. Balkrushna Shinde says

    How to remove that color

  14. linda turner says

    g y I want to go get out and get ya man to do it bruh bruh was the that

  15. Jayla' Eason says

    I like how yall do that

  16. Nazwa Cell says

    oh ;ravxgabi


    Very nice I like that

  18. Navami K Nair says


  19. thesavage24 says

    I don't want to do my hair just to make my lipstick look better
    does exactly that

  20. Monica Diwani says


  21. tanvi khan says

    i want how to straight haif whithout heating🙄

  22. Fathimath Suhara Bathool says


  23. Jamie Gacha Place says

    You need towels in between your hair or it can burn off you know from groom and the thumbnail is real this time giys

  24. Jamie Gacha Place says

    You know that the iron hack was already made you know

  25. Azliza Juliana says

    #like the hair style🤩

  26. Soni Devi says

    Nice, beautiful and too much better….. Thanks. God bless you

  27. Martasia Davis says

    I feel like it’s blonde who’s the “voiceover “ if it’s not her it’s a “robot” (my opinion) ☺️🙋🏾‍♀️.

  28. Furkhan Hussain says

    I love doing hairstyles so this video is very helpful to me and very much beautiful

  29. The Dance Moms Channel says

    Her bobbie pins conspire against her

  30. Ruby’s Imagination X says

    I tried a hair do and it’s amazing! I love u guys!!

  31. Yara Muhammed says


  32. Tina Dharamsey says

    I agree aqsa

  33. Prathibac. Shashikumar says

    Does the colour of the crape paper wash off easily?

  34. Vig jyoti Pradeep says

    Very nice

  35. dinesh singh says

    Very nice effort..troom troom!!💜

  36. Nawress Khelifi says

    يوجد قناة أسمها nawress khelifi تابعوها إذا شجعتها ستعطي لكل شخص ٥% من المربوح

  37. Vishal Isarka says

    It's temporary hair colour how to remove e🤔🤔

  38. jenette hicks says

    Look how it

  39. Bharti Kapasi says

    You are hair so Beautiful 🤗😊😊🤗

  40. Gloria Goytia says

    i done the 2 braid

  41. Mangoljao thounaojam says

    That's amazing

  42. Sue Howson says

    Please don't put a pencil in your hair i tried that one and ended up with a scrape on my neck i got hit in the neck with a basketball at P.E but please don't do that hack it's not a harstyle it's just dangerous

  43. Aijaaz Banu says

    Great 🎏

  44. اياد سالم says


  45. Edith Sandoval says


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