14 Year knock-down shot (11 Handicap)

14 Year knock-down shot (11 Handicap)
Me hitting a knock-down shot with a six iron, going about 156 uphill – comment on what u think of my swing.

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. LORD OF MEMES says

    First video I ever saw from him.

    I was looking for golf thingeys and I found this.

    Im also a tech guy this channel was a good one so I subscribed. Since 200 subs!

  2. Marlon Suangco says

    updates on your golf game Marques? would be a nice tribute to the 11 year throwback video that started it all.

  3. cBoy says


  4. Macedon NKW says

    He went from 13 to 14 really fast, I wonder how old is he now, 60?

  5. SpaceSeal 64 says

    An 11 handicap at 14 is really good

  6. Ryan Wang says

    Puberty much

  7. Magondovious Zuba says

    Look how the comments have changed, normal comments ten years ago to shocked comments of 2019.

  8. Elphilip Bartolo says

    Hi 2019

  9. Naol Basaye says

    Aug 2019?

  10. Rochdi says

    2019 !!

  11. Fury God says

    Anyone from 2019???不不不不不

  12. Aquamatic says

    How to be famous
    Swing golf club at ball
    Talk about phones

  13. Mattheus 16 years ago says

    Nice pants

  14. Nevin Dass says

    Maybe just a bit more follow through doing great though.

  15. 潺鴔TV / JKCDM says

    cool dude

  16. t羹v gepr羹ft says

    2019? Anyone?

  17. Satyam Sharma says

    2019 anybody?

  18. shaurya guglani says


  19. PuppetMemeStealer says

    *u age fast wtf

  20. Brian Diosana says

    2019 ?? ahhahaha

  21. Noah Weathers says


  22. Karim Aljmayel says

    2019 anyone?

  23. Fernando Irado says

    Thumbs up if you watching this 2019

  24. Moba Master says

    Just to grab your attention,


    What was the logic of the video also it wasn't funny either.

  25. Piyush Maheshwari says

    Its very awesome man to see where u have started all this……..
    I wish I also might have started all this

  26. YoBoi Trippy says

    Sti here

  27. Jaike says

    It's weird to think that someone's life could be documented over a decade in public videos like this, and also for it to become so popular

  28. ARJUN 鉥鉞潼鉞鉞 says


  29. Nikko M says


  30. RAHIL MIRZA says


  31. Zk 椈奡堛 says

    plz give me aa phone in give away

  32. Samer Jdoau says

    Bro youre the best

  33. Zyad Abaza says


  34. TheVegasSoup.TV says

    I saw MKBHD at the 2018 CES Gate Opening (day 1), but didn't bother him or anything…. But now I starting to obsess. Next run in I'm shaking his hand and getting him on my Vlog.

  35. Muhammad Ahmed says


  36. Anbarasan S says

    2018 anyone?

  37. 穫 H.J says


  38. Sameer Khan says

    Awsm bro

  39. Rajat says

    Much better swing!

  40. Deadpool says

    Fetus MKBHD

  41. Octopus says

    14 Year knock-down shot (11 Handicap) is a good video

  42. Samuel Clark San Andres says

    Long lost son of Tiger woods.

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