15 Cool Outfit Ideas and Other Fashion DIY Hacks!

15 Cool Outfit Ideas and Other Fashion DIY Hacks!
Feeling trendy? Improve your look and learn how to upgrade clothes, transform your old outfit into new and learn how to fix torn or damaged clothes. Plus many …

 15 #Cool #Outfit #Ideas and Other #Fashion #DIY #Hacks
Source Crafty Panda
  1. Crafty Panda says

    Hey Panda lovers! 🐼
    I know I know.. I have an addiction for clothes.. 😖😖 But I'm trying to save money and be more environmentally friendly – so I get creative! 🌎♻️ I re-use and re-make all my old and boring clothes. It's so cheap and fun and now I have tons of trendy clothes for the new season! 💚💚💚
    Please tell me, what's your favorite item to wear? Is it a skirt?👗Dress? 👖Jeans? 🧥Or an oversized jacket? ♻️Let me know and I will try to make more upgrades of your fav clothes!
    Much love from Crafty Panda ❤️❤️❤️

  2. A PASTOR & A PRISONER Carter says

    There a greater door opening for you

  3. I love it ♥️

  4. Nika Benkovic says

    Odurna je s tim tetovažama fuj

  5. Gacha M says

    I do loves the idea but do you even wear any bra?

  6. Gulsum Cavadzade says

    Crafsty panda super😘

  7. Nahtanoj Narud says

    It's a pig

  8. Nahtanoj Narud says

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  9. Tete. da silva says

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  10. Vidhi Patel says

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  11. حسين أل زبيد says


  12. Shiyana Habeeb says

    You guys are such copy cats copping 5 minute crafts and crafty pandas

  13. souayeh nadia says

    I am not going to do any of it but still like watching it

  14. كلاواجي كلااوجي says


  15. Epic Blast music says

    8:24 i have the same

  16. Luis Belló Ortega says

    this ia vicky, with no friends… 1 like 5 firneds

  17. 린% says

    i love their song aaa~

  18. Revathipriya G says


  19. chahat sehgal says

    4:36 she has not worn inner ware

  20. Mateo Olive says

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  21. kanchan Tiwari says

    Emily is. The best

  22. abdul model says

    My favourite item is skirt please try to make more upgrades of my favourite clothes

  23. Manik Man says

    P LP

  24. tiny pebble person says

    Too big?
    Buy something that fits and looks good rather than a tatty looking homemade catastrophe

  25. Nuray Gafarlı says

    Woow! Nice♡♡♡

  26. Nina Stavric says

    Nice krafty panda

  27. jorlanea Cobas says

    Desgraçados não tem a sensibilidade de colocar o nome das musicas.

  28. Setayesh Mahmoodi says

    The most of that dont look nice sorry

  29. Shahan Sins says

    The blue frock girl is too fat😂😂😂😂

  30. siri m says

    superb video

  31. alexandra rose says

    does anyone know the first song??

  32. She is a beatifull 😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😗😗😙😙😘😍😘😗😙😚👸👸👸

  33. ăn ở says

    She very beautiful

  34. Army 4 ever says

    Girl why aren't you wearing a bra 🙄😑

  35. sakshi attrish says

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