Step up your game with these 15 easy food hacks from professional chefs! Learn how to slice more efficiently, color your shirts with avocado skin, and peel your …

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  1. Kylie Sutton says

    Did anyone see that when the basil came out of the microwave, it looked the exact same as when it went in, then when they change scenes it's suddenly all tried up!

    Please do not try these so-called 'hacks' people, they do NOT work!
    CLICKBAIT!!! •~•

  2. Paige Love_For_all_Fours says

    7:52 that one is so fake lmao. A well known YouTuber called (How to cook that) tried it. And it’s very fake.

    —All these are basically fake especially the avocado dying that shirt/scarf pink, it would not ever be able to do that.

    Your probably wondering why I’m still watching this channel right?

    I do it because it’s satisfying and calming to watch~

  3. sophia sophia says


  4. W Sue says

    Too long!

  5. KC M says

    Nice 👍🏻
    Pomegranate hack is a tricky one depending on the ones u pick 😅

  6. E'marie-Simone Rapier says

    Really moldy bread🤢🤮

  7. ii says


  8. Lynne Yang says

    My mom when they cut the watermelon: How did they do that?
    Me: duh YouTube magic

  9. Itz Mi :3 says


    Me in my mind: guacamole guac guac-amole

  10. ELHAM الهام says

    يييعع مقرفين الله يعز الإسلام ما تعرفون تمسحون مكاويكم وتقولون اننا وصخين

  11. BTS Is my life says

    You just ruined a perfectly good salmon sushi. AND I LOVE SALMON SUSHIS

  12. mia chan says

    How many tome do they spend eating all the food??

  13. 500 subs with no videos says

    Most of these are fake but still satisfying…

  14. werid. _. Edits says

    Yeah but what if you vacuum the peanuts?

  15. smart says

    1:19 that’s a pentagon-

  16. Aljazi Mm says

    3:18 well that's a lie because no one on the Earth can do like this so who can do like his is God yeah who can do this is God ……. Thank you for liseting to me ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Rabiya Kocadag says

    4:11 your home will smell bacon alter it’s not a good smell

  18. Doctor fashionista DIY craft says

    My dreams will not end .. I'm the origin .. I'm here to reach & achieve my goals .. able to overcome difficulties and even harness them to achieve what I want ..

  19. Biel Universo says

    its so sad for me to see people that beleive in Blosson’s hacks

  20. Jia Vaghjiani says

    I can't be the only one who already knew all of these …

  21. Momina momina says

    like who see but not try it😆

  22. SmokeManCz says


  23. 5 minute craft says

    I like your hacks you are a genius😀😀😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  24. Amber Mendes says

    2:36 everyone knew that

  25. Hi everyone

  26. Tasnim Rubaba says

    When your mood is not ok..just watch these videos and read the comments about loving these videos…you will laugh

  27. Priya S says

    Blossom u are at other level

  28. Priya S says

    43rd comment

  29. Fahima Fahima says

    Disgusting .Why are you give some hacks in every video .

  30. Tania Sayianet says

    Fantastic really like your blossom 😙😙😙

  31. Hooria Kashif says

    When ur early and there are no good comments

  32. Ashi Crafts says

    Who's not watching in full screen and reading the comments?

    👇 btw I'm a small underrated craft youtuber trying to hit
    👇 5k śubś
    & any help would be highly appreciated 🙂

  33. Ashi Crafts says

    Who else just watches and never try these hacks?

    👇 btw I'm a small youtuber trying to hit

    👇 5k śubś
    & any help would be appreciated 🙂

  34. The Cook says

    Ahan nice vedio

  35. Your thoughts are so beautiful.

  36. Daizelle Lazaro says

    Hi am I early

  37. Portgas D. Ace says

    0:47 huh?

  38. dreydrey Vois tout says


  39. Liza Torres says

    Graxz por ese buen tips

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