15 Money Saving Baby Hacks Every Mother Should Know!!

15 Money Saving Baby Hacks Every Mother Should Know!!
Baby on board? Be a thrifty parent with these 15 money saving baby hacks every mother should know. Our collection of pregnancy hacks and baby shower DIY …

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  1. amazinghom says

    Who watch them to see how fake they are

  2. julia cappuccio says

    Personalmente ritengo che la pressione sul polso con le nausee gravidiche non aiuta proprio a nulla! E parlo da una che ha fatto 2 gravidanze con nausee… Grande cagata quella del polso

  3. Gavin Gemstone says

    I am cool kid, we no not watch blossom, just comment behind a veil of sadness and edginess. Loolooolooolollolooolooololooooloo

  4. Giovanna Hernandez says

    Useful hacks

  5. Shan Shan says

    Need the elastic side pieces for my jeans….but I'm not pregnant 😬

  6. 100 subs with no videos says

    The first one… Doesnt work

  7. Fahira Naurah says

    😐 i uhh dont want to be a mom?

  8. ii says

    I love it so much😆❤️💖❤️💖❤️thanks mom🎶🦄🎶✨✨✨

  9. Charlotte Roland says

    0:01 literally anyone when they see me

  10. Ildri Norderhaug says

    me watching this «I cant wait to be mom» (im twelve years old)

  11. nila phillips says

    looooots of towel based hacks in this one.aint no mother to a newborn got time for that!!!

  12. Asmr douce daya says

    je demande a tester pour l'aloe vera mais si ça marche vraiment c'est genial

  13. Meme God says

    Can i be prego without a baby inside

  14. Eliane Veras says


  15. One good Artists says

    8:74 they must’ve got that from the mother cheapskate in extreme cheapstakes

  16. Reloup Mortal says

    It's so cute… Even if i'm not pregnant

  17. Gilvanete Souza says

    Adoro seus vídeos
    Um oi para todos os BR

  18. Hanna Moreno says

    Se pasan solo pones tres o cuatro trucos nuevos y empiezan a poner video que ya habían pasado

  19. حسين جبار says


  20. 👍Сделано с любовью!👏👏👏

  21. ابداع Zoz says

    أريد اتعرف على شاب رومنسي

  22. fazed_ v2 says

    I likes you view

  23. Nandy Sri Nanthana Sri says

    Who are from tamil nadu

  24. Deiline Alves says

    Hapy 2020

  25. Anshi 7 says

    I m 15 but still watching

  26. Hamza Mete ve ANNESİ says



    Very good I like so much your videos and her is the
    point for the persons that like my commentary

  28. Dessin Annie says

    We all know that was a subtle way of telling her boyfriend that his breath stinks and that it wasn't morning sickness. 😏

  29. Marisol Garcia says

    I sent this to my Titi Jessenia, she is having a baby boy this month or next month

  30. Seema Dhiran says

    Plz make a video on period kit and hacks

  31. Loidaly Sanchez says

    Im Like its

  32. Yellow Bee says

    Everyone is writing unique comments to get likes

    Well I am out of the bussiness 😂

  33. Виктория п16 says


  34. Liza Torres says

    Muy buenas ideas y no nada más para un baby si no igual para cualquier ocasión

  35. dreydrey Vois tout says

    Cet vidéo

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