15 Office Life Struggles That Everyone Can Relate To!! | Blossom

15 Office Life Struggles That Everyone Can Relate To!! | Blossom
Check out these 15 office life struggles that everyone can relate to! What are your office struggles? Let us know in the comments below! Subscribe to Blossom: …

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  1. Papa danduprolu says

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    Finally a new video!! Loved it blossom!🤗

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    Am I the only one who loves her voice ? Like legit it's soo nice

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    I love u girl

  5. Simone JT says

    That purse throw to stop the elevator from closing..🤣🤣🤣

  6. Sadia Hossain says

    what's her name??

  7. Saporra says

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    It is. Beautiful

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  23. Anisa Cordova345 says

    Oh my god. What is her insta. She is my favorite and I love her voice

  24. gwendolyn graziano says


    you’ve perfectly described school

  25. Ann George says

    I love when she talks hit the like if you want it more

  26. Hendrick Amaury says

    0:47 remember when she (Imaan Fitzgerald, her name.) go to the toilet and found someone in there and she (wonderfart, her IG) just go back and find another toilet :v damn that the same place but with different angle of camera

  27. Good luck

  28. LemonBELL 333 says

    I’ve been watching for a long time and I finally got to hear her voice for the first time
    OMG HER VOICE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I used to love this lady
    Now I love her voice too! It's so cute ! ❤

  32. Alejandra Baez says

    Is great the part where cold , that part is universal jajja

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    Enjoyed ☺

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    Heard your voice for the very first time

  35. bee bee says

    I hate office work 😰

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    This lady.. Hey where have you been… I miss you so much.. Love ya💜

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