15 Times I’ve Cried

15 Times I’ve Cried
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    Does anyone ever have no reason to cry but you just kinda NEED a good cry?

    Just me?
    K. That's fineeee

  2. someone says

    Why ive cried:
    boy in the stripe pajamas

  3. Happy Emmy says

    I wish these were the reason I cried 🙄

  4. viviennetiana _ says

    I cry when my bias is too sexy

  5. Naomi says

    Thinking if all my family dead and that I didn't treat them right

  6. Ella Sophia says

    I only cry when I stub my toe or I’m hungry

  7. Bob Bartek says

    I cry when I see an old man sitting alone in a restraunt.that one was odly relatable.i a glad someone knows how I feel

  8. Silje Molstad says

    I reckon all of this happened when she was on her period

  9. saturn tingz says

    I only cry when

    A.) My favorite character dies in a movie


    B.) PMS. P. M. S.

  10. Gi Gi says

    15 times buzzfeed ran out of ideas:
    Number 1:This video

  11. _gwynbleidd says

    16. Manchester.

  12. Rose 04 says

    Is it weird that I don't usually cry over any of these things..?

  13. S.A says


  14. Sid Bid says

    Every single time Steven Universe airs a serious episode ang songs

  15. alien.sauvage says

    15 times ? What that's it ? It's finals season crying is now part of my routine tbh

  16. Jess.ka says

    oh look, my spirit animal

  17. Mable Clark says

    I haven't cried for any of these reasons.

    Feelings of steel!

  18. Little Singer says

    she's so cute, i cried with her

  19. lenicia ramirez says

    I cry when I watch The Walking Dead

  20. DeadLittlePunkDoll says

    I laughed pretty hard at every one of these. I never even realized…do people really cry over such things? It's just…so foreign to me…

  21. Lioness says

    Damn, she is really sensitive.

  22. grimciitys says

    I Cried When Gravity Falls Ended :v

  23. Raaz Poppy says

    When Derrick died

  24. cameron wood says

    One reason why I've cried: Cause I'm fat and all the girls at my school are "perfect"

  25. The Wonder Kids says

    The reason why i cry :The fridge is emty:

  26. madlamm says

    Maybe crying for reasons like that is why you're alone.

  27. Li yah says

    I cry 1-6 times a day

  28. WataKashi says

    When I'm drawing and I colored on the wrong layer. ;-;

  29. Kai Reads says

    hahaha the news one is so true

  30. Alexandra Mouroussias says

    Doctor who and Sherlock

  31. pigs canfly says

    feminist : women are not more emmotional than men

  32. Angelycca Zanches says

    this is so me. OMFG the red wedding

  33. Maren Who says

    reason no 16: I watched someone else cry.

  34. Katie Mason says

    I'm on my period and almost started crying because of this

  35. emily says

    Why is this me oh my god

  36. macy says

    my face made me cry

  37. j wilson says

    mascara stains

  38. Rusne Pak says

    It's me 😂😂

  39. Yoyzican says

    I cry over songs

  40. naomi mascarenhas says

    this is so stupid

  41. katie dietz says

    even thinking about the old man sitting alone at the restaurant makes me cry omg

  42. Miki T says

    "game of thrones" same.

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