15 TYPES OF EATERS || Funny Situations and Relatable Moments by 123 GO!

15 TYPES OF EATERS || Funny Situations and Relatable Moments by 123 GO!
If you’re human, chances are, you love to eat. But just like your hair, personality and fashion sense, you like to do things your own way. Even if that means taking …

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  1. Lucy Buckton says


  2. Trisha Nicole Chan says

    I'm also an animal feeder😂😂

  3. deepshika adhikari says


  4. Trisha Nicole Chan says

    I'm a ketchup lover but I don't put ketchup on soup and pop corn😂😂

  5. A. Alam says

    But then l eat healthy food l am kinda like the picky eater don't judge meh lm only 8 years old!

  6. Yashashree Hajare says

    I am probably a junk food eater

  7. Juddie Tayao says

    Drama drama so much drama EMILY

  8. A. Alam says

    I am the Junk food lover hehe and but l don't eat that much junk food l eat healthy food thooo

  9. Ng Ban Hong says

    Picky eater

  10. Snowy is a rabbit! says

    I am definitely the the picky eater because I only eat things I love

  11. Shyaw R6S says

    Im the Bottoms up

  12. Mubashir Tahir says


  13. princess mhielie mhiel says

    Picky messy play eater

  14. Thabit Twal says

    I am a pecke etar

  15. Tasnime Addou says

    Can you guys do a 24 hours kids chocolate eating

  16. Glazy Cassandra Cueva says

    Im totally the cat feeder

  17. michael bottomley says

    I'm a junk food lover especially when stressed

  18. Lor Ren Wan says

    I don't eat like any of them. I eat Ah beng/Ah lian style. I'm Malaysian, I don't eat like that.

  19. MrTipoki says

    Very. Good

  20. PUBG ARAVINDH says

    Is anyone Indian here

  21. pragna s says

    This made my mouth watery….who else feel same👇

  22. Leslie Miguel says

    Bottom up , picky eater , messy eater, sharing couple,plate licker and cat or dog feeder

  23. Ksa Kajappa says

    🤣🤣🤣1:42 to 2:41🤣🤣🤣

  24. Blanda Sue Penn says


  25. Taiz Ferreira says

    i love to EAT!!!

  26. Vaibhav Sharma says

    After watching this video
    My mouth was like

  27. Raymond Gallano says

    Im a junk food lover and bottoms up eater and plate licker but dont get mad at meh cause they say write hu you ar

  28. Arabella Paril says

    I'm a ketchup lover but i dont put ketchup in soup 😅

  29. anita tamang says

    I am instragammer and ketchup eater😍😍😍

  30. Glendy Antonio says

    The instagramer is my mom

  31. Raj Sekhar says

    I am a junk food lover and playing with food

  32. lil _dark_angel says

    My Cousin is litteraly the ketchup addict!

  33. s u n f l o w e r b l i s s says

    These thumbnails make my 6 year old sister click on your vids smh 🙄

  34. Chandrika Bisht says

    I am the ……
    Plate Licker
    The Cat feeder 🐈 🐈 🐈

  35. Nereese Guzman says

    the licker plate

  36. Soultana Soultana says

    I am a Pinky Eater and a Messy Eater

  37. xxXKitty catXxx says

    I’m a plate liquor


    This do not repeat hacks again. 🙂

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