16" MacBook Pro Review: Now Do It Again!

16" MacBook Pro Review: Now Do It Again!
16″ MacBook Pro is an impressive bump from the problematic 15″… now do the 13! MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com MacBook skins: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Anon Aji says

    Is Marqus getting sponsorship from luxotica for wearing a glass

  2. David Field says

    Nobody is talking about the screen cable. Is it fixed?

  3. Norda Official says

    It's garbage, how are you going to switch the ssd when it gets slow after years? You can't switch it.

  4. destroyer turbo says

    Aye Marques where can i get those dope wallpapers you use

  5. samarth pattar says

    Bro, where did you get the Tesla roadster scale model car, that's behind you?

  6. Nashten Spanbauer says

    The transition of you going from your external mic to the one in the MBP blew me away. I wasn’t watching the video; listening in the background instead… I had to go back and do a double take.

  7. marksapollo says

    The new MacBook Pro 16” is an overpriced locked down unrepairable device made for rich You Tubers..
    The iMac Pro is funnily a better buy, I may get one second hand for about a grand less then the new 16” MB Pro.

  8. JacketPod says


    Apple’s “Listen to the People” team: Please work on whatever Marques just said in that last bit there. And oh, great job.

    MKBHD: I should probably setup a gofundme in order to afford all those upgrades yeah?

    And how does one travel with an iMac Pro?

  9. Ashish Kupsad says


    MKBHD: Matte Black for everything!

  10. ShashwatSoulll;) says

    I want that wallpaper

  11. Shiblee Mahbub says

    Apple: Ok, give the people what they want. i.e. Also give us more money…

  12. Vinamra Parashar says

    Macbooks burn goddamn. They thermal throttle so bad. This one is not any better in that scene.

  13. Mark Yakovenko says

    Amazing video, as always
    On point boss

  14. Anirudh Bommakanty says

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that at 7:50 there's a lil sneak peek of pewds razer headphones.

  15. James Burns says

    What’s the wallpaper you’re using there?

  16. Mario says

    I love the design, it is so satisfying to look at.

  17. Fyro Wower says

    one sd card slot and one usb A wuld be nice

  18. Mukul Chugh says

    2:50 markques brownlee is a 19 year old exposed

  19. vincent ogunjimi says

    which do you think is better this or the Asus zenbook pro duo?

  20. Vinamra Parashar says

    What I got from this video:

    I didn't care for sub-par product and its defects but now with marginal improvements I think it's best product in the world.

  21. НОЙТОВ says

    I have macbook pro and i dont use sd card in my work, this shit is only useful to youtubers and photographers, but there are a lot more professionals than this two categories

  22. MRZsiir says

    2019: Make Apple Great Again!

    We just want the MagSafe cable back

  23. Icheme Zouggart says

    As long as they dont have « normal » usable ports , I’m not getting an Apple laptop

  24. prometheus 1660 says

    Anyone else saw the brofist

  25. Prison Mike says

    Apple is gonna overtake android slowly, Not in market share, but in terms of what the consumers want. Androids will always be larger due to the cheap buy in price

  26. Bryce says

    Absolutely agree with making a 14" version of this. I would be seriously interested.

  27. morgo52 says

    Apple could make the best laptop but as a developer without individual function keys, it's useless to me.

  28. Hakimi Hazizan says

    Marques: So the difference is you’ll notice improvements over sustain loads.

    shows Cybertruck window shattering

  29. 1Muv says

    the intro is on fire..This is what you get, when you have the best cameras and gimbals

  30. girlsdrinkfeck says

    it looks weird ,the keyboards too small for the width of the laptop, very ugly design

  31. Miłosz says

    If ssd fails or breakes, is it possible to offload data from broken macbook?

  32. Book Reader says

    CEO: Just listen to customers.
    Jony Ive: No need for this sir.
    Jony Ive leaves Apple.
    CEO: That's better.

  33. What is this drama? says

    I'm genuinely curious what are the problems with installing a better face cam. Everyone's been complaining about it so they had to had though about it, right?

  34. Jason Wong says

    does anyone know what wallpaper he has on the MacBook?

  35. Sachin Kumar says

    Apple:- note that down note that down

  36. Mani Deep says

    How many of you noticed PEWDIEPIE styled headphone at 7:50??

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