16 Stress Free Moving Hacks and Packing Tips Everyone Needs!!

16 Stress Free Moving Hacks and Packing Tips Everyone Needs!!
New year, new house? Let us help you! Here are our top 16 stress free moving hacks and packing tips everyone needs! We’ll teach you how to pack efficiently, …

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  1. SchoolBusPlayz says

    This is a good video, but can’t you make several videos each day instead of creating a title that only has to do with the beginning of the video. “Time to Pack” oh look at these CEMENT hacks! Come on Blossom. Please fix this. It’s confusing…

  2. Ritu Sharma says

    happy new year.🌹😉🧇💟🎁🎂👏👍

  3. Manoj Kumar says

    Nice hacks

  4. David says

    Great ideas👍

  5. sumeet wasu says

    A very happy new year to all of you!!💛

  6. Adventure Sloth says

    that bottle opener was nowhere near a life hack. all that just to stick something onto a board?

  7. PalMyZs 2002 says

    Box " Fragile "
    Me: Death Stranding!?

  8. Safiyah Ramazani says

    Love love love love love !!!😍😍😍😍😍

  9. NH Nabila says

    You are a Brilliant….

  10. ROSA MARTINEZ says

    Perfect I'm moving when I'm going to middle school so ima write these hacks and save them so I can do these hacks when I'm moving to another house when I go to middle school

  11. Goomw Love says

    119 to comment

  12. Lynn Amy says

    Outstanding tips! Thank you so much!

  13. ART FOR KIDS MHT says

    Wonderful video 🤗🙂❤👏👍

  14. Taliyah's World says

    Ummm….the first one was an invention like,let's say four years ago but,I guess this saves money but they did not think of that it's already a thing

  15. Shreya Chakraborty says

    Is he reading the book from the last page?

  16. Allison Rutledge says

    i really liked the ine with the pool noodles and the mirror! It was sooo smart!

  17. CRAZY LAZY says

    Will you give me give away

  18. Levy Beti says


  19. straw berry blaster says

    In every video put a link to the song u use please

  20. Choco la Mer says

    Socks over glass👎

  21. Divine Jacob says

    2020 WOOHOO 😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁

  22. Tanner Tanner says

    Great tips we are moving in May.. Thanks great tips.. Things may change we may not move but I am glad I saw this video. Great tips..

  23. Hülya Akçay says


  24. Stewart Clark says

    I’m about to move

  25. VibihaiiCadnan Shuham says

    Happy birthday to me wishing you a great year

  26. Flora Priya says

    Happy new year

  27. Margherita Vaccarino says

    Ha scritto fragile in italiano😍

  28. Girlene Maria dos Santos says


  29. Jessica Janusz says

    Some of these are actually really helpful! The table-mirror was my favorite

  30. Parisa angela says

    Good hacks I like it 👌👍🏻

  31. Nikola Rozmarin says

    The biggest cringe was that girl who wears shoes bearfoot. 6:51

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