18 Awkward Photos Of Unforgettable Birthdays

18 Awkward Photos Of Unforgettable Birthdays
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  1. Nora Chicken says

    why did i look at this @ night :'(

  2. Alexsia Fierro says

    In Da sweet 16..does anyone notice what the guy on the far lefts shirt says…
    Mess with "my Katie" and you're swimming with the fishes.

  3. Yung4Skin says

    Rich Evans !!

  4. Russel Casumpang says

    Theres a lot of animatronics in kids birthdays……

  5. Dumpster_Cat says

    Is the third photo one of the members from rockafire explosion?

  6. Krista Roba says

    That last one, was great! xD

  7. Chantal says

    I thought the last one was awesome, not awkward.

  8. Dorien Zuidema says

    "Dick the birthday boy" well, if you insist

  9. MissKennedy18 says

    My birthday would have been awkward if my dad showed up hahaha

  10. Monokuma AJ says

    silently fan girls because showbiz pizza

  11. Ryder Dempsey says

    haha! word play

  12. junklex says

    My favorite birthday was the one I had at Young at Art! (the older one) They made it Alice in Wonderland themed just for me and it was so amazing. I really miss Young at Art…;-;

  13. Anythingman says

    0:09. This is the start. Of the Bite of '87.

  14. Christian Ehrhardt says

    Everything is better with a little bit of Rich Evans…

  15. Derpy Cat Wolf says

    0:49 yeah, f*ck that having over 100 birthdays. wouldn't it get annoying having over 100 birthdays?

  16. Kelly Dillard says

    My first elementary school birthday party in 2nd grade: I invited lots of my new friends….only one other person than me showed up.


  17. Kuma El Negro says

    I'm the second strongest sperm!

  18. DarksideJr says

    Remember kids, if you are ever feeling worthless, just know, you destroyed MILLIONS of other sperm in that one race. Good for you.

  19. AndresGamez says


  20. TUNDRA says

    DICK the birthday boy
    I'm laughing so hard
    I think I'm deranged

  21. alex is nervous says

    0:12 his shirt says Alex is on fire, my name is Alex and I am not on fire.

  22. Zeb Pinson says

    The dick now is at billy bobs… I know because we have one in my city and it's scary…

  23. tonsters525 says

    Rich Evans!

  24. Guka Ismylova says

    loved the hammer pic

  25. Ryuko08 says

    the kid who had too much cake & the choked girl
    haha πŸ˜€Β 

  26. Easyandworkproject says

    1.28 ummmmm

  27. Frank Jaeger says

    FFS, slow down, I need time to cringe.

  28. Ollie Langdon says

    My 5th birthday was unforgettable….

    ….that was when my dad left :'/

  29. BenIsAsian says

    The fucking thumbnail is actually gonna give me nightmares

  30. Desiree Low says

    This was uploaded on my birthday ☺

  31. Angelina Harris says


  32. Jay 90 says

    Whats with the 90s pictures..

  33. 450rmack says

    Awe. I like that last cake. You always were the best swimmer, I'm glad I didn't swallow you, or I'm glad the condom broke, make great Birthday cakes.

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