2 New Sets For Your Tastiest Kitchen Yet! • Tasty

2 New Sets For Your Tastiest Kitchen Yet! • Tasty
Get all your holiday cooking done with these ✨new sets✨ available for limited time only! Snag them at your local Walmart or find our cutlery set here …

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  1. GhostySweep says

    Why are you selling csgo knives

  2. Andrew Shi says

    Where's rie's lady

  3. Cicada studio says

    Hmmm very colourful tools ….children may love it ..and they will probaly watch this video…so to be safe please set this video to "made for kids " or else u will get $40000 fine this one video !

  4. Nguyễn Lê Hưng says

    0:49 mmmm those disgusting bad bitten fingernails are so tasty.

  5. BigPotatoBall says

    I just skipped 2 ads to watch a 1min ad

  6. Peni Parker says

    Tasty stuff always sold out at Walmart

  7. Brittney Young says

    I never have been so excited to buy knives.

  8. Stop Clickbait says

    So i can make my kitchen not taste like wood?

  9. Big Mac says

    I want to believe rie was part of the development for these knives

  10. Leonardo says

    Yeah sureeee cheese grater I’m only 50% sure that that thing can grate butter

  11. Opal Stigma says

    I’m so confused why are they using a gross guys nails on this vid, it really grossed me out seeing those gross nails touch that equipment 😱😔😂 plz

  12. Maria Cucina says


  13. Lwemon says

    Sorry, but I’m not feeling like eating my kitchen tonight.

  14. Kookies Lilli says

    Just why…?

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  16. Kuma. Kenny says

    I thought it was a giveaway. I was disappointed.

  17. me me says

    In America every fruit and vegetables get a different knife😂

  18. trexmaster9000 says

    mf csgo knifes innit

  19. Marcus .Danc3 says

    Betty crocker kitchen set said who?

  20. Tiago Rangel says

    Right after you mix your pasta you have to wash the spoon to then use the cheese.

  21. nBlue says

    All plastic products, contains excessive amounts of harmful chemicals and they are all carcinogenic.

  22. Tianna : says

    so, you want me to spend my money?

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