200 IQ Spot The DIFFERENCE Brain Games for KIDS !

200 IQ Spot The DIFFERENCE Brain Games for KIDS !
200 IQ Spot The DIFFERENCE Brain Games for KIDS ! SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and …

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  1. blue123456789 says

    We floridians know how to deal with these 😉

  2. Kamrul Hasan says

    Wooww wee knoledge! love ya azzy

  3. Larry Savage says

    Australians can’t guess the Burger King one because Australia it’s hungry Jacks

  4. Sienna Playz says

    “Prihana” 💀

  5. Tim asali says

    Lets Be Honest WHO EVEN SAYS pRihAnNa

  6. Ashley Bain says

    did anyone else get trolled when she said bye and played the outro

  7. Shawn Chung says

    Do you know any games like:Minecraft?Overwatch?Fortnite?Roblox?

  8. Oppy cruz says

    that alaphant is from Africa so it's very deadly

  9. Itz_BlueberryWolf _Playz7890 says

    4:29 Ha thats so easy! Its just Magic cookie!

    After a few seconds

    Oh nevermind i take that back…..

  10. Roan Rendora says

    Make the like button blue if you love azzyland 👇👍

  11. Tatum Barber says


  12. Robert Guajardo says

    This channel is still gaining?

  13. Sofia Morales says

    My art teacher has a tarantula and I once fed it a cricket!

  14. Lollypop Sis says

    What about a pelican el (can’t spell)

  15. Lollypop Sis says

    Me Trying to guess the emojis and she says it

  16. Moon Mukesh says

    Crocodiles can't live under sea water

  17. Moon Mukesh says

    Sharks will also eat that people

  18. LOL family says

    116bitplay 116

  19. LOL family says

    Klik €100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000R00000

  20. Gold Cast says

    If you go to an ocean. Bring ammonia

  21. Jihyun Yu says

    spot the difference logic

  22. Ahmed RIZA says

    Kwebelkop smarter than azzy

  23. Subscribe To pewdeipie says

    She really just said priannah instead of piranha

  24. Matea Thoma says

    Hi everyone I just want to say hi 👋

  25. elize black says

    i live in sout afrieka and one is arond me

  26. Skye Allen says

    Azzy you are a great YouTuber. You are my favourite!

  27. cRaZy FoR mYsElF says

    did u know crocodiles don't attack they sometimes they attack because they only attack to protect themselves 😊😊😊

  28. Mr. Mystic says

    3:44 PG-13 😍🔥

  29. Amy Li says

    8 holes

  30. praveena parihar says

    On 2:25 you should actually play dead in front of a bear cause they will actually think that you are dead and they will leave you alone… Not even kidding it's true

  31. Ella & Emma says

    Was i the only one that was on my way to close the video after the sharks died and she tricked us? 😂😂😂

  32. {Chriyesha Ashley C. Miranda} says

    Please should out me

  33. Ah Fantastic says

    8:32 I would choose the middle door for sure. At least I can get up to surface and get some air.

  34. Midnight Draws says

    your hair is beautiful jallie af

  35. Emma Walton says

    2:44 when you punch a shark in the nose it does not hurt them it makes them do something I'm don't remember but it doesn't hurt them just so you know

  36. Christine Nicolaou says

    Azzy will live! 👍

  37. Sienna Ness says

    Prianna? Isn’t it pirana

  38. princess channel says

    To me when there's a two dog i stand still and they just sniff me like when there's a dog fighting i stand still and let them sniff me easy for me and btw i love you azzy

  39. Wendy’ s says

    A dog chased me when I was 4….

    I out-ran it

  40. andy david says

    Burger King

  41. unicorn gaminggirl says

    Don't post about spiders I almost had a heart attack looking ant that's I have aphobia of them

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