2013 Mac Pro: Explained!

2013 Mac Pro: Explained!
Mac Pro 2013. Unveiled at WWDC 2013 and blowing minds ever since. If only we had a price! Apple’s site: http://www.apple.com/mac-pro/ Dear Apple Video: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Michael Sears says

    You think phones or tablets would be stronger by now with this type of idea.

  2. Julien Lindauer says

    Marques…is that you ???

  3. heehee3121 says

    darth vaders trash can不不不不不

  4. Michael Piccirillo says

    All Apple had to do was simply updgrade the Thunderbolt 2 ports to Thunderbolt 3 ports & call it a day.

    This way at least eGPUs would be been 90% the speed to that upgraded card compared to using thunderbolt 2 etc.

    They failed th3 same way they never updated the G4 Cube but cancelled those designs.

  5. ARichman says

    i wonder if he ever watch his old videos

  6. alucard kaizokudan says

    Came here after 2019 wwdc

  7. Levi Ventura says

    Who else is here because the new Mac Pro came out?

  8. Justin Han says

    Why YouTube recommends this to me in 2019

  9. Huisbeest says

    watched this on my 5,1 and with no upgrades its still better than the trash can……. feels better anyway

  10. Marlon Mois矇s says

    I needed to know what a Mac Pro was after the first video of 2019, well done

  11. OK DOK says

    can i connect this to a tv and use the tv as a monitor??
    i also want to connect a bt keyboard and touch pad to it as well if possible
    im new with this mac pro so i have to ask

  12. who is watching this in 2018?

  13. The K INC says

    Hey @mkbhd did you know you were going to be a big deal in the future ?

  14. MAK tech says

    Take a shot everytime he says Mac Pro

  15. Dmitriy Chaikovskiy says

    This is the most over priced trash can ever

  16. Benoni Bazile says

    is there any way I can have my apple 27 inch thunderbolt work with mid 2012 mac pro can Marques or any tech people out there help me out

  17. Preston Gerimonte says

    What things can you update on it because I rather buy it with the most basic stuff then add other things that are better and are cheaper then Apple

  18. Preston Gerimonte says

    Make a video of the ultimate Mac Pro desktop modified

  19. Wayne Blake says


  20. Wayne Blake says


  21. Cyvox says

    Its not Dual CPU's…

  22. rene johnson says

    That was a great presentation well done and easy to understand. You have instantly made not just me but everyone smarter, now to what degree I don't know but thank you.

  23. Jessey's Guitar Covers says

    wrong you can upgrade the cpu, gpu, ram, pcie ssd, nearly everything!

  24. Jessey's Guitar Covers says

    Wrong. it isn't dual cpu's its just a single.

  25. Buchanan Games says

    I can't wait to get one in like….2025

  26. Pankaj Ahuja says

    You need to ask again for an overhaul.

  27. grey buchholz says

    What is the "Mac Pro" count for this video

  28. FRANK R ICE COLD says

    Any News On The Release Date on New 2016 Mac Pro With The New INTEL Processors ???

  29. SmitiaS _ says

    Yeah, Apple wanted cylinder but still could they make it look less like trash can?

  30. Daniel Stitt says

    Hahaha Darth Vaders trash can!

  31. cloridan Beauchamps says

    why did apple design a thrashcan

  32. Sukhvir Singh says

    Cheerios in the back thoooooooo

  33. beING COD GOD says

    Watching On 2016 Leave a Like

  34. Joshua Chew says


  35. Chirag Gupta says

    whats this?? Is it like just a CPU?? Do I still need to buy imac display screen(Monitor) for using this??

  36. BeelZebubx says

    When I was little I thought it was a trash can

  37. ante susnjar says


  38. x23 says

    New drinking game: take a shot every time Marques utters the phrase "Mac Pro" or new "Mac Pro"

  39. cj burton says

    Who remembers when Phil at WWDC said "Can't innovate anymore my ass" lol lmfao Phil is funny

  40. Matt Coleman says

    I could punt a Mac Pro across the room.

  41. Aaron Coker says

    any good for gaming

  42. J C says

    so good looking and sassy voice!

  43. Tade Oluwatobi says

    Someone please tell me what song is at the start

  44. NSG Chronos says

    The amount of times he says Mac Pro in short segments…

  45. Pablo SM says

    Why do you have 2 cheerios boxes in the back?

  46. George King says

    You can upgrade the hard drive, gpu, cpu, ram, everything.

  47. Raskolnikov says

    I don't understand is this a laptop or what?

  48. Its jake from state farm says

    yeah but when will you need more then a terrabite. i have a 500 gb macbook pro and i have barely used a quarter of it since christmas 2013 when i got it

  49. Glenn Murray says

    Got to love apple!

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