2015 Macbook Review!

2015 Macbook Review!
The new 12-inch Retina Macbook – making every other laptop look chunky. 12-inch Macbook (Space Gray): http://amzn.to/1FaO1An Initial Impressions: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Arquell Eastland says

    Omg how much time has changed.

  2. mailman says

    Who's watching this in October 2019 or later?

  3. Angelic Awe says

    Look at that arm <3 3:51

  4. MurrieT says

    Theres no way that its 135mm at its thickest point and 35 at its thinnest that's over 5 inches thick at its thickest point

  5. Malimbo says

    after having this for 4 years i gotta say ive had 0 problems with it. The only thing that has gotten worse is the battery other than that i still get about 4 hours out of it.

  6. Elderflow 4 says

    What Mac is this?

  7. Ruth K says

    Did anyone else notice??
    It measures in at JUST 35 mm at its thinnest point and a 135 mm at its thickest point.
    That’s THICK!!!

  8. Grease quala says

    your videos are not only for americans, allover the world viewers. so please use also kilogram also.

  9. Dashea Gang says

    me watching this video on my 2015 early MacBook 🙂

  10. KAV12 FC says

    It's like Black Panther's homeless cousin.

  11. JesusLovesYou says

    My MacBook got on fire and Apple refused to do the repair. My whole family was put in danger and they told me that it is not their fault as I should have home insurance in place just in case their laptop catch fire. Shame on you Apple! Please avoid to buy their MacBooks if you value your life and your family.

  12. Lifeless Lilt says

    planned obsolescence on wiki in the review of macbook ,oh sweet irony xd

  13. djevecjslfbfjekdkf says

    I'm getting one for 300. Is it worth it?

  14. The Fishkeeper says

    The MacBook Only have USB-C doesn't bother me, it's technically superior to USB-A and is clearly the future, someone had to be the first to make the switch and dump the legacy ports. however, having only one of them is just stupid, especially since it's now the only means of charging the laptop, meaning that you cannot even simultaneously charge the laptop and connect an accessory to it without the use of an adapter.

  15. bastol says

    2019 comment; you look so young !

  16. Smoove says

    haha tb video

  17. TheButcher DS says

    Iphone with big screen ? Why that price ? Someone explain please

  18. ian walker says

    I got the MacBook, but the keyboard may be a deal breaker now that i have owned it for a few weeks. But other than the webcam and the keyboard i pretty much love everything else about the device. OHHHHH and the fact i only have one USB type C is a real pain sometimes.

  19. tvl2310 says

    Should I get a used one for 550?

  20. Matias Merkuri says


  21. Dillon Dourado says

    Damn. 4years later

  22. Alex says

    Damn you were skinny before

  23. Janidu Teshan says

    what happend to your hair

  24. Amani Windon says

    I got a refurb one today im very nervous

  25. Tahir Ali says

    why apple brought Macbook, okay Macbook air and pro series makes sense.
    I m curious to know

  26. kylefer says

    Lol a 480p laptop in 2015.

  27. Γιώργος Καφφές says

    Nice hair!!

  28. Harsha Rai says

    Who is wayching in 2019

  29. BagelMaster5000 says

    Looking back on these old videos… Marquese got really swol

  30. Dems s says

    You look weird 😂😂😂💔, the hair omg💔😂

  31. Unkwn K says

    Isnt this the 2016?

  32. AA WW says

    "The new 480p on the new MacBook doesn't look terrib (gazes at his screen) ahh, actually yeah it looks awful" that part had me cracking up 😂 Bet reviewer out there, by far.

  33. Biu Biu says

    Now we have ipad pro to replace laptop

  34. abbas zendehbudi says


  35. FlipnotePikachu says

    The only thing good about this 2015 Mac is it’s resell value. Makes it more affordable to buy a portable hybrid machine that has Mac OS

  36. Ivan D says

    I have Macbook Pro, iPad Pro 12.9 LTE, and a Samsung Chromebook Plus LTE. I use my Chromebook more often because I don't use heavy programs. I surf the web, emails, wrting, watching youtube or netflix, that's what I do so this chromebook is perfect for me. I enrolled for 2019 spring classes. I don't know if I am be able to use chromebook for online classes.

  37. Harry Kettle says

    ‘135mm at it’s thickest point’ my desktop is thinner than that

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