2017 Tasty's Funniest Moments

2017 Tasty's Funniest Moments
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  1. Derrick Jones says

    Tasty is amazing!!!

  2. Random Dogface says


    That is literally me when I made a pizza…

  3. Angelica Jr says

    This is Tasty Not K-pop.
    Stop commenting K-pop thing in Non-Kpop video,please.

  4. Konner Kauniste says

    Rie is actually a mood

  5. JD 713 says

    1:071:16 I'm dead! 😂😂😂

  6. Riana Zaremba says

    i love how alix has this really funny sense of humor and when she is with rie then theres always a but load of fun (Alix is my fav)

  7. waz poppin says

    looking at the comments, well i guess now i know why they changed the title.. smh i'm a kpop stan too but come on! it's annoying to keep on making something else entirely different into something about your faves..


  8. Neko Kunamakenzo says

    This is why I download all of these videos at YouTube because it's really funny at any moments at Tasty BTS

  9. Charlie Thomas says

    Because of Alix I will never make croissants home made in my life LOL

  10. Tristan Dean says

    Alix is awesome

  11. Marcus Vlog says

    Ya know in the Philippines you can buy a single yolk and a double yolk egg😂😂

  12. Stop Clickbait says

    creme chaaaaaaazzzz

  13. Hi y'all says

    Lol ,does ashley ever visits her own kitchen ?? x-D

  14. Hi y'all says

    1:41 is the best moment x-D

  15. Arshiya Sawhney says


  16. J T says


  17. meghali apte says

    Came here just for alix

  18. VixenX says

    You forgot Rie when she was eating pizza while the other cheered

  19. 1:22 you not lucky if your making macaroni and 3/4 of the eggs you bought are double yoke. And all you wanted was some egg whites. Speaking from experience

  20. KRYPTON RON says

    adam edited this haha

  21. Schmitz Family Productions says


  22. Shazed Ahmed says

    why u guys hired most of Homosexual people

  23. lala88488 says

    I say Creme chazz on the regular !!

  24. Elizabeth Sgiers says

    How the hell gave her a blowtorch

  25. I’m just a Normal channel says

    Tasty bits Of Laughter

  26. lawrence wei says

    I like how buzzfeed keeps all the bloopers

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