2019 Microsoft Surface Family Impressions!

2019 Microsoft Surface Family Impressions!
Hands-on first look at the new: Surface Pro X. Surface Laptop 3. Surface Pro 7. Custom silicon. Ryzen Editions. USB-C. There’s a lot to talk about! Hands-on with …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Atul bhati says

    That was will smiths laugh😏

  2. Eris says

    men, these technologies are destroying our environment… it will destroy a girl's future.. how dare you??

  3. Avieshek says

    They are still confused (or timid), not sure about themselves with having AMD, Intel, Qualcomm and even Custom Chip.
    If Apple sold their A-series Chips, it would probably be in too.

    For Laptops that are only two model by their two-screen sizes – somewhat excusable (for now)
    But for Windows 10X devices or the so called Surface Duo for example which is a phone, what's with the logic of using Intel Chips while developing a SQ1 Custom Chip with Qualcomm.
    Also, an event on October which leaves only two-months away from 2020, they skipped the 855+ until again next year (and at this time of October?) basically a gap of three iterations by the times there's another event. Which might just mean either they're not really interested to deliver in the space of A-series chips and just want to be present or they want guinea pigs in 2020. Or also Both.

    The keynote actually looks like, what they cracked is an innovative hinge with which they are basically trying everything and hope to see what sticks.

  4. Harith Gaming says

    intro song?

  5. Massivespeedy says

    Marques is Will Smith

  6. Anmol Raj says

    Fun Fact

    Satya Nadella is of Indian origin.

  7. beniczech says

    Honestly, 3:2 is better than 16:9… especially in the time of vertical videos etc. πŸ™‚

  8. Nimrod levy says

    Amazing, its not a apple product you drawl on…

  9. GH Tech Review says

    You guys think this will go on sale on black Friday or be bundle up with the keyboard for the same price?

  10. Kashif Nawaz says

    Is there any Apple fan here?

  11. Naum Krotkov says

    Fun fact – in subtitles "MKB HD" is interpreted as "I'm Kim PhD"

  12. danny says

    2:10 A smile + a pun + double index finger point = evil laughter 🀣

  13. MrunAL Chaudhari says

    Good To Go To MS Windows Good Luck Markus πŸ‘

  14. Darkwear GT says

    Will smith voice

    Everyone : markass brownlee

  15. VeNoM says

    What use is laptops having USB C port?

  16. Darkwear GT says

    Markass brownlee

  17. Rehan Ahmed says

    Do a review of the vivo v17 pro

  18. M says

    great even laptops "PRO X "dont have headphone jacks now. they can shove it

  19. Harith Gaming says

    AMD gangg ganngg

  20. 01TheBull01 says

    marques liking Microsoft products, is this somehow related to the "CEO" visit?/ I wonder

  21. McGrady Lu says

    Only changing the CPU deserves to make a video??

  22. Narendra Nayak says

    Hey Whatsup guys. Kim PhD here.

  23. Isu says

    hmmm Ryzen with Vega, hmmm Hackintosh will works great on it! and gonan have better spec than Mac book PRO πŸ€”πŸ€”

  24. Miran Benan Altun says

    Im just happy there isnt a Surface Book 3, got my Surface Book 2 a little over a year ago and I dont think I can afford the new one

  25. Gennaro Eduardo Tangari says

    I do not discuss the Hardware that seems to be great but what keeps me far from these products is the operating system. And get me right, I have nothing against the Windows Experience on a "normal" Laptop, but I think that we're going back to the time of the Pen Computing, with a full desktop OS on a Tablet form with an ugly user experience.

  26. Shady Nathan says

    What took him so long to make about a surface video? bias much?!

  27. Amit Vaidya says

    At this rate it’s safe to assume that MKBHD uses Pixel 5 XL as his daily driver πŸ˜‚

  28. Marcel Marix says

    Hey…please do a review on their ear buds…am not really sure on their sound quality…πŸ˜”

  29. stick killer says

    the surface pro is the "worst" choice for a pc. you're better off working your project on a phone. that'll give you less irritating. this review is more of a design and looks review not performances so don't get confused and get attracted to it.

  30. Rahul Saini says

    I am Kim Phd here

  31. Sid s Narzary says

    Who is the skeleton guy in the back?

  32. SomeTechBloke says

    What ill get…
    Surface pro 3: As my peasant tablet
    Surface Update 3: As my peasant laptop
    Surface Neo: GPD Win Replacement
    Surface Duo: New phone
    Now if we had a Surface Gaming i would finaly have my portable computers sorted…

    But then ill want
    Surface TV, Surface Table, Surface Chair, Surface Surface, Surface toilet…. Ect.

  33. Rommel Concepcion says

    Marq: Hello, MKBHD here Wellcome to techtober.

    Me(pen snob): say sike rayt now.

  34. Devin Moran says

    Review the new lenovo x1carbon

  35. Tom Groebe says

    Your exclusives are off the chain

  36. rajesh says

    Waiting for the interview with CEO of Microsoft SATYA NADELLA

  37. DOM LEXIS says


  38. J. D. Ridenour says

    …still no Thunderbolt.

  39. Dylan Weise says

    Marques, why did you not test out the Surface X with apps…

  40. Hassan XD says

    Guys any one excited to play red alert 2 on it

  41. Rafiul Islam says

    "7:30 Let me draw Jeff Bezos and see how it looks" πŸ˜‚

  42. alan0jjang says

    Maximum cringe @2:13 hahaha

  43. casper aalders says

    iMac g3 in the background <3

  44. noobmaster69 says

    Ok Markass

  45. elmohead says

    Design department: So… which products are supposed to be matte black again?
    Microsoft: Yes.

  46. GuelphRacing says

    Hey random person scrolling down the comments..

    Have a wonderful day πŸ™‚

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