2020 Tech I'm Ready For!

2020 Tech I'm Ready For!
Foldables, iPhone 12 Pro, Tesla Roadster and more. So ready for a new decade of tech! Waveform Podcast: http://bit.ly/WaveformMKBHD WVFRM Twitter: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. MatVask says

    I Missied You For A Long Cause I Had Exams.

  2. elizabeth rigby says

    'Niche' as "nitch" ooph

  3. Jake De Vries says

    You look like a character off an old Nintendo game

  4. Bambi Tazilla says

    You’re fucking amazing I don’t even have to tell you. It’s an honor to say.

  5. Flurpes says

    I really hope people get a fucking clue and stop feeding your gay-ass

  6. Yousuf Khan says

    I love your videos man keep it up in 2020 and beyond 😘

  7. Caloured Pal says

    I love u mkbhd ur biggest fan from Ghana

  8. Sharman Nadgauda says

    I don’t why but whenever apple gives out a new camera everyone copies it and just improves and them

  9. Itz Just Ayo Chill says

    I'm waiting for new headphones

  10. HyperManic1000 says


    The new iPhone now has 25 cameras on the back! The entire back is a camera! There are cameras on every side! You get several extra cameras that you can put all over your new iPhone!

  11. IBSD Gaming says

    I would be excited for new electric cars if they weren't all so butt ugly. That mustand looks like a stretched out lower version of a prius. The only electric car that i think looks nice is the tesla roadster.

  12. Lesley Harrys says

    If the iPhone doesn’t get a Pro Motion-display with a high refresh rate this year, there’s more reason to skip it than ever before

  13. Tech With Sean says

    Anyone else think that background rectangle looks like a graduation hat? 🎓 🤔

  14. Stefy the First says

    I just want to be healthy.

  15. Crimson Harry says

    GALAXY S20*

  16. Mr.KapaV says

    R.I.P. the real Mustang..

  17. F B says

    I want 5G. There already built antennas in my village but there are so many people against 5G,. People demolished the antenna…

  18. Gabriel Gattringer says

    Smartphone: excited for Xiaomi Pocophone F2
    SmartWatch: I don't care anymore
    PC components: hyped, cause I had mine for five years now.
    Camera: Sony getting their shot together, implementing a touchscreen…

  19. Alex Gowers says

    Stop trying to make flexible folding screens a thing. Sure they keep getting made but we’re just not interested. It’s clickbait tech that is doa

  20. Dirty Dan says

    Galaxy s11 > iPhone 12

  21. Jakob Friedrich says

    E-ink high refresh phone is what I wanna see

  22. Kono Requiem da says

    Hey person scrolling down the comments 🙂 it would make my 2020 a lot better if you checked me out or dropped a sub. 🤗

  23. TheBlackSnowMan says

    Calling it now. iPhone XE 2020

  24. Samson Kipp says

    new design and usb c are coming 2021
    2020 is just gonna be the minor update and call them
    11s and 11s pro / 11s pro Max

  25. brtorres6823 says

    And yeah, you're totally brown

  26. Shahan Khalid says

    This is how many times MKBHD said 2020:

  27. HyperManic1000 says

    I’m also ready! My wallet ain’t tho…

  28. CarbonLake says

    Move you camera slightly backward. And minimize windows on your screen. 😃

  29. Marios Pentelas says

    You forgot Tesla FSD update!

  30. Srdjan Smudja says

    Im not hyped for 5G. Im good with 4G.

  31. redstripe.ch says

    Did he just say "Penis" at the very end ?

  32. VIRAL GAMER 100 says

    Let's begin 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  33. jj3cca says

    Congrats Mr. Brownlee😊 I've been watching/subscribe since your very beginnings. I'm very proud of you. As a teacher, I think of you as one of my students that has shown great potential, progress, and success. I'll be sure to have all of my students subscribe if they have not already done so.
    Many more blessings and greater success wished upon you in years to come. 😊😊

  34. herman gaviria says

    Galaxy S11 will end apple

  35. iHildy says

    Do you guys think there will be an iPhone 11s sort of phone. Like the budget one but upgraded. And if there was should I wait for it or get the iPhone 11 now?

  36. Glitchy Soup says

    >Wants 120fps screen
    >Won't even use 60fps for videos.

    Um, you have a multi thousand Hollywood grade digital camera, not a 1960 bulky film camera with expensive film. Trust me, you can do at least 4K@60fps, if not, your phone can!

  37. Typical Kid says

    u know when u excited about brand new tech but your broke as hell 🙁

  38. SUHAS H G says

    Which is that game….😍..1:55 ..

  39. Unknown 1 says

    5G is dangerous ! Do your research

  40. sit and dontwatch says

    They are just at it with the cameras

  41. Кот says

    In the preview picture he is wearing a pirate hat xD

  42. ashish puma says

    My favourite intro!! 😳🔥❤️ Thanks for that Marques!!

  43. John kaiserleech says

    I'm ready for the next Oneplus Device with all the features Marques is expecting for the big 3 companies and beat them price wise…

  44. Kyle Barnard says

    An exciting decade ahead! 🙌🏻


    Even in 2020 Samsung is stays his way, always copy everything from others

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